Is the BMW 320d the best car ever produced? Richard Hammond thinks so

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BMW has always been obsessed with producing the ‘ultimate driving machine,’ and no, those machines don’t just come in the form of M-series vehicles. Nope, BMW strives to deliver perfection in every single car made by the German giant, and if Richard Hammond is to be believed, they may have just created the best car ever with the recently launched BMW 320d coupe.

On paper, a claim like that may sound unfounded considering there are cars literally 10 times the price of the 320d on the market, and surely they’re better? But, that’s not the point. The point is whether a car is or isn’t the complete package, and Hammond truly believes the 320d is that exact package. He praises the styling, the handing, the rear leg room, the price and has great difficulty naming even one flaw.

In the end, the respected journo simply states that the red stripe running across the dashboard in the Sport trim variant is the only downside of what else is a perfect car.

It’s very interesting to note that the 320d in question is actually the base version in the diesel range, yet it seems to be the best. It may only come fitted with a four-cylinder diesel engine producing 184 HP at 4,000 rpm, but it does deliver 280 lb-ft of torque and as we know from experience, the best thing about diesel’s is the seemingly never endless torque they deliver.

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Source: Mirror

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