There appears to be rumblings coming out of Maranello that Ferrari is finally doing something about all those burning 458s, and they’re doing it really soon.

Two members of FerrariChat seem to have been given the heads-up by a Ferrari dealer, saying that Ferrari will officially begin recalling all 458 Italia models by today.

Again, Ferrari has yet to make the announcement official, but according to one of the posters, Superquant, the recall is finally happening. In his post, he said: “My dealer just informed me that as of 1 minute ago he learned that Ferrari has issued a recall on ALL 458s due to the fire situation.

Ferrari has determined the cause of the 458’s that have caught on fire was from an adhesive that attached the heat shield under the rear fenders.
The heat shields were attached with an adhesive and became flammable under high temps. The new shield will be attached rivets, not any type of adhesive. Every 458 produced will get this new part so call your dealer now and set up your appointment which of course is free of charge.”

If this man is right in saying this, then that should be good news for all owners of the 458 Italia that have become weary of bringing their cars out of their garages over fears that they might get barbecued out on the road.

But as is the case with rumors like this, we’re going to hold back on announcements until we hear it straight from the (prancing) horse’s mouth.


Source: Ferrari Chat

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  (331) posted on 09.2.2010

A heat shield that melts OMG. Considering how these cars perform youd think this would have been discovered during testing before release but using glue on a heat shield what were they smoking?

  (462) posted on 09.1.2010

Oh they should do that sooner before someone gets hurt.

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