This Audi Coupe is special in the given context for more than just one reason

If you’re anything like us, then you’re surely missing a day well spent near and around the Goodwood Festival of Speed Hillclimb. Ask anybody who attended the show even once and you’ll know that the smell of gasoline and the eardrum-battering engine sounds go hand in hand with the amazing stories each car has to tell. This Nothelle-Kamei Audi Coupe from 1981 is the perfect example.

Here’s a car that shelters a father-son connection

Launched by Audi in 1980 and assembled in Ingolstadt until 1988, the Audi Coupe was recognizable due to its boxy, geometrical body concocted by Giorgetto Giugiaro, which was inspired heavily from Giugiaro’s 1973 Asso di Picche Audi-Karmann show car.

Power was delivered from an assortment of four- and five-cylinder engines and went initially to the front wheels. In 1985, Audi offered the Coupe with quattro all-wheel drive as an option.

This substantially prepped, race-ready Audi Coupe that you’re about to hear got us intrigued and we did some digging.

Is There Anything Better Than the Sound of This Five-Cylinder Audi Coupe at Goodwood?
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According to Fourtitude, this Group 2-grade Coupe covered in the snazzy Nothelle-Kamei yellow and red livery dates back to 1981. Its 240-horsepower five-cylinder engine was assembled by Henri Lotterer, who also had an input in the overall tuning of the car since back then he worked for Nothelle.

Is There Anything Better Than the Sound of This Five-Cylinder Audi Coupe at Goodwood?
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Wondering who’s Henri Lotterer, are you? Just the father of three-times LeMans winner André Lotterer and the one who’s driving the Audi Coupe up the hill at Goodwood. So, father-built engine, son-raced car. It doesn’t get any more awesome than this. And then it does: André was also born in 1981, just like this special Audi - which, it’s worth mentioning, has been fully restored by Stefco Motorsport and Nothelle over the course of 13 months.

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