• Is This a New Bullitt Mustang Lurking in one of the Rock’s Latest Videos?

It would be the first Bullitt since 2009

When it comes to iconic movie cars, “Eleanor” from Gone in 60 Seconds is one of the most prominent Mustangs that comes to mind, but “Eleanor” isn’t the only old-school movie Mustang worth remembering. Remember Steve McQueen’s dark green Mustang Fastback in the movie Bullitt? Well, if you’ve seen the movie you would, because that dark green Mustang, like “Eleanor,” partook in a pretty sweet car chase. Over the years there have been two special editions that have worn that special Bullitt badge with the first being offered in 2001 and based on the GT model at the time and another back in 2009. Both were available in Dark Highland Green paint and got a few upgrades that included suspension tweaks, custom exhaust, upgraded brakes, and even an engine upgrade or two. Now, a recent behind-the-scenes video posted by The Rock is leading some to believe that the Bullitt badge will make another comeback.

If you click play, you’ll get to see The Rock talk about spending time in Ford’s wind tunnel, which is interesting, but what really catches the eye are the renderings behind some of the crew in the video right around the three-minute mark. The Mustang in the rendering features a dark green paint, dark five-spoke wheels, and there’s even a crosshair-styled badge on the rear. Of course, we only get a quick glance at the rendering in the background, but the guys over at Mustang6g.com all seem to think it is indeed the next iteration of a Bullitt Mustang.

So far, Ford has remained silent on the matter. But, considering the iconic pony car has now been updated, it’s quite possible that Ford will be releasing another special-edition model with the Bullitt badge soon – even as early as later this year or in early 2018. For the record, the 2001 Bullitt model was sold in 5,582 examples while the 2009 model only saw 816 examples built. Now that Ford has found out what it is like to have people beating down its door to get on a buyers list (thing Ford GT) it’s quite possible that this Bullitt model will have an even shorter run that may not even top 500 examples. For now, however, that’s all we know, so go ahead and click play to see what could be the next Bullet for yourself.


Source: Mustang 6G

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