• Is This Fan Rendering An Accurate Prediction of the upcoming Nissan 400Z Nismo?

Nissan will eventually build a 400Z Nismo and this is what it could look like

After years of rumors and speculation, Nissan finally unveiled the successor to the 370Z. Although the Z Proto is a concept car and not a production model, it’s an accurate preview of the next Z car, rumored to be called the 400Z. Now that the Z Proto is out in the open, performance car enthusiasts the world over are wondering whether Nissan will offer a Nismo version. And renderings of the 400Z Nismo are already flooding the internet.

The Nissan Z Proto looks insanely cool in Nismo clothes

Is This Fan Rendering An Accurate Prediction of the upcoming Nissan 400Z Nismo?
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This rendering made by KDesign AG brings together the Z Proto coupe and the familiar Nismo design cues seen on the 370Z Nismo. Up front, there’s a new grille with a mesh made from rectangular shapes at the top and a larger opening below, while the splitter is finished in black with a thin red stripe. The black and red combo continues on the beefed-up side skirts, but we can also see red accents on the mirror caps. The roof and A-pillars are finished in black for a sportier look.

Around back, it seems the designer slapped a lower bumper that looks like the GT-R Nismo’s, and that’s an excellent choice. It features small vents onto the sides and a bigger outlet in the center flanked by big exhaust pipes. It also incorporates the traditional Nismo stripe in red plus "Nismo" lettering on the center fascia. The coupe also boasts a big black wing on the deck lid. The virtual 400Z Nismo is nicely rounded off by multi-spoke black wheels, a lowered suspension, and bigger brakes.

Is it an accurate prediction of the upcoming 400Z Nismo? For the most part, it is! The red accents, the sporty splitter, side skirts, and diffuser are elements that we can find on most Nismo models. And we will definitely find them on the 400Z Nismo. However, the actual car might not feature that big rear wing. The 370Z Nismo features a much smaller spoiler, and Nissan might go the same route with the 400Z.

Will Nissan build a 400Z Nismo?

Is This Fan Rendering An Accurate Prediction of the upcoming Nissan 400Z Nismo?
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The head of GT-R and Nismo model says that the company has yet to make a decision and that the market will eventually decide whether a new Nismo will be developed or not.

"This answer is, why not... For me, if customers strongly request for the Nismo grade, why not? I cannot say yes or no, it's not clear,"

Hiroshi Tamura told journalists at the Z Proto’s unveiling, according to Cars Guide. But it’s safe to say that Nissan will build a Nismo version of the 400Z. The big question is whether it will feature a twin-turbo V-6 only or a hybrid drivetrain.

Source: KDesign AG via Behance

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