• Is This Mini Cooper S MC40 Edition A Future Classic?

It may not be as legendary as the original Mini that won the Monte Carlo Rally, but it is a good tribute nonetheless

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Depending on the generation, people tend to think of completely different vehicles when the name Mini is mentioned. Some remember the tiny British classic built by Morris and Austin between 1959 and 1993 while others think of the Mini Cooper, built under BMW ownership since 2001. While this particular R53 example listed for sale on Classic Cars belongs to the latter, it has a connection to the original. We are talking about one of 1,000 Mini Cooper S variants that commemorate 40 years of Paddy Hopkirk’s win at the Monte Carlo Rally while driving a classic Mini. This might be among the most underappreciated modern classics out there.

Number 848 out of 1,000 with a Legacy in Tow

Is This Mini Cooper S MC40 Edition A Future Classic?
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If the Mini Cooper S Monte Carlo edition rings any bells, this might be because of Tyler Hoover who used to own a “hooptie” version of one, which resulted in rather expensive repair bills. Regardless, this particular example seems to be in a much better state than Tyler’s “problem child”. It’s number 848 out of 1,000 Monte Carlo Minis and currently resides in Costa Mesa, California.

Sadly, Paddy Hopkirk passed away not long ago, which makes these limited-edition Minis a part of his legacy. Like all MC40 Mini Cooper S versions, this one is finished in a striking shade of Chilli Red with a white roof. The car also comes with magnetic number “37” numbering on the doors. It also has two-tone leather seats, finished in Space Red and Panther Black, along with the appropriate plaques, labels, and decals to prove it’s one of the 1,000 MC40 cars.

Is This Mini Cooper S MC40 Edition A Future Classic?
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As it is a modern car, air-conditioning is standard (it hasn’t been deleted like on many track-focused variants). The interior of the Mini Cooper MC40 also benefits from John Cooper Works carbon-fiber dashboard, battery, oil, and temperature gauges, aluminum pedals, MC40 shift knob, and a plaque signed by the North Irish pilot, Paddy Hopkirk, himself.

Distinctive Retro Design and Respectable Power

Being a 2004 model year, the car is based on the R53 generation of the Mini Cooper. It features a very distinctive retro-futuristic design, which reinterprets the original aesthetics of the 1960s Austin Mini. As for what’s under the hood, it is the 1.6-liter supercharged inline-four engine that pumps out 170 horsepower (127 kilowatts) and 162 pound-feet (220 Nm).

Is This Mini Cooper S MC40 Edition A Future Classic?
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For those thinking it’s not enough, the Mini Cooper S weighs just 2,513 pounds (1,140 kg), and with a six-speed manual 0 to 60 mph (97 km/h) happens in 6.8 seconds. These also respond really well to minor modifications and it’s easy to get over 200 wheel-horsepower out of one. In any case, the Mini Cooper S MC40 is a neat piece of racing history and a proper tribute to a legend. The best part is that it is reasonably(ish) priced.

Source: Classic Cars

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