It’s not the cyberpunk that Musk was talking about, but it sure as hell looks amazing

To be honest, this is my favorite segment right now - I’m talking about the electric pickup truck segment - and it’s the Rivian/Tesla war that has gotten me so intrigued. We saw Rivian come out with both camper and specialized kitchen concepts for its R1T truck recently. While we have seen Rivian truck in reality, the Tesla pickup truck is still - as Mark Hanna would say - Fugazi. Tesla has kept it a secret and has been fairly successful doing it. This has led to people flexing their brain muscles and trying to render the truck in the most creative and imaginative ways. However, we came across this one particular rendering that is perhaps the best one we’ve seen to date!

A Tesla Pickup rendering that Looks Sharp and Smart

The Sketch Monkey has decided to take the matter into his own hands once he realized that all the renderings out there do not follow Tesla’s design philosophy. He chooses to start with the Model X as the base for his rendering. This seems fine on the onset, but did he forget that Musk said the vehicle has a ’cyberpunk aesthetic’? The rendering sure seems fantastic, but it’ll surely be a lot different from the actual Tesla truck. Sketch Monkey has reduced the size of the rear doors and altered the roofline as well. The pickup truck in the rendering stands tall and is quite high from the ground. To make things look more truck-like, the designer also gave a square-ish shape to the wheels arches.

When People Missed The First Official Appearance Of The Truck

Is This the Best Tesla Pickup Rendering That We've Seen So Far?
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The Tesla truck apparently made its debut at the Model Y’s launch in March 2019. The fact that literally no one on this planet saw the Tesla truck’s first official ’appearance’ took Elon Musk by surprise. During any product launch, Tesla generally tends to have a secondary announcement. Remember when the automaker decided to launch the next-gen Roadster at the Tesla Semi event? This is similar to what Steve Jobs used to do during his product presentations. When asked about the so-called ’other thing’, people guessed it to be the custom pair of Nike sneakers that Musk was wearing at the event. They the had Tesla logo embossed on each shoe. However, Musk said ’other thing’ went unnoticed and he himself had to break the news.

So, when the webcast for the Model Y ended and people left to get their test drives, Tesla flashed an image of the ’cyberpunk’ truck. This was about a minute in when Tesla played the credits from Blade Runner after the Model Y webcast ended. This truck, as Musk describes, will be "futuristic like cyberpunk, Blade Runner pickup truck” and will be unlike anything in the market. Musk didn’t reveal any other details about the pickup truck, but this is what we know till now.

Tesla Pickup Truck - What To Expect From It?

2016 Tesla Model X Drivetrain
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What we know for sure is that the Tesla pickup truck will feature as standard dual motors and a suspension that dynamically adjusts according to the amount of load the vehicle has to take. It will most likely come with a max range of 500 miles on a single charge. The new teaser image appears to be a wraparound taillight on the lift-gate of the truck bed. From what we can see in the teaser, the truck will be boxy and will bear a rather retro, contemporary look. Musk added that, “(As for the) Tesla pickup truck, we might be ready to unveil that this summer. It will be quite unique.”

Elon Musk said in a tweet that the truck will be able to tow up to 300,000 pounds.

Tesla Pickup - Final Thoughts

Is This the Best Tesla Pickup Rendering That We've Seen So Far? Exterior
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Tesla may be facing tough competition from Rivian, but it has a couple of things going in its favor. Firstly, the announcement that the truck will be priced under $50,000 has sent chills down Rivian’s spine. This is almost a $20,000 undercut when compared to its rival. Secondly, Tesla has a loyal fan-base that automatically puts its truck as the first choice in potential customer’s minds. What are your thoughts on the Sketch Monkey’s rendering of the Tesla pickup truck? Do share them with us in the comments section below.

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