Is this the future Buick Compact Sedan?

With a gathering of automotive media from all over the world hanging on every word they were saying, Buick took advantage of the opportunity to tease the gathered media a teaser sketch of what is expected to be their latest vehicle – a luxury compact sedan – to be added to their already robust fleet of cars. Apart from showing the sketch, Buick’s product marketing director Craig Bierly withheld any more information, but those in-the-know of the supposed new vehicle have said that the car will be based on the new Opel Astra.

Is this the future Buick Compact Sedan?
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Ironically, Bierly showed the teaser sketch at the same time the 2011 Regal saloon – a car that was based on the Opel Insignia - was unveiled. As far as the new compact sedan is concerned, rumors are already burning up that the car will most likely come with the Astra’s 1.6 Liter 180 HP turbocharged unit.

We’re pretty sure that this won’t be the last time we’re going to hear about this new compact sedan in the near future and knowing how Buick likes to give teasers in small doses, we wouldn’t be surprised if a new one pops up anytime soon.

Stay tuned for more details!


Source: WCF

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