Although the Lexus IS 250 and IS 350 got a brand-new design for the 2014 model year, when the third-generation model arrived on U.S. shores, the brawnier IS-F version carried into the new year unchanged, with its much-deserved update to show up in 2015. Naturally, Lexus’ decision to keep the IS-F the same poured more gas on the already heated up rumor mill, with everyone trying to guess the way the company will bend the new design into an aggressive high-performance sedan.

Spanish website Autonocion is the latest to stir the IS-F waters and did so by posting a photo of an IS wearing a black roof, a fancier rear bumper and a small spoiler placed atop the trunk, while the vehicles badges are covered by... duct tape.

The source doesn’t say anything about the photo’s origin, it does ask whether the Lexus depicted above is the next IS-F or not. What’s more, the picture quickly made it onto Lexus Spain’s Facebook page, becoming viral among brand enthusiasts and fueling the rumor even more.

Well, no need to panic folks, this is NOT the next-generation IS-F, but only a new IS 350 fitted with a fancy TRD body kit that adds all of the rear features mentioned above. Moreover, as a Facebook user pointed out on Lexus Spain’s post, the vehicle was photographed at the Circuit of Jarama, where the owner was probably testing his aerodynamically improved car. Not to mention that the exhaust pipe configuration is far off the expected IS-F setup, which will resemble the staggered setup on the RC-F.

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Thanks to our tipster Luis for the image.

How to Spot a Fake

Is This The Future Lexus IS-F? Exterior
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This one was a no-brainer... On the left, you have an IS 250 with a TRD aero kit installed, in the center you have the "IS F" image, and on the right you have the rear of the RC F and that sexy exhaust system that everyone assumes will be on the next-gen IS F. Notice hot the back end of the center and left images are identical, save for the color of the spoiler? Yeah, that was pretty easy, fellas...

Why It Matters?

With the new Lexus IS-F just around the corner, it’s only natural for these speculative pieces to surface now and then. Although details about the upcoming high-performance sedan are limited, the vehicle is likely to sport some of the cues seen on the RC-F coupe, and not a body kit based on a TRD creation.

Lexus IS-F

2014 Lexus IS F High Resolution Exterior
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The 2014 Lexus IS-F was unveiled with only two notable exterior modifications - LED fog lights up front and a carbon-fiber spoiler around back. Inside, the sedan gained a two-tone upholstery design, Alcantara inserts on the door panels and center console, full-aniline leather seats and additional "F" logos.

No changes were conducted under the hood, where the 5.0-liter V-8 is ready to deliver 416 horsepower and 371 pound-feet of torque via an eight-speed Sport Direct Shift automatic transmission with paddle shifters and manual mode.

Source: Autonocion

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