Lamborghini took us by surprise ahead of the 2014 Paris Motor Show by teasing a brand-new supercar. "Once perfection is achieved, you can just double it," is the message released alongside a very simple sketch, one that invited our imagination to go wild. Is Lamborghini preparing a four-seat supercar, a four-door super sedan, or a hybrid drivetrain? Well, we can’t be sure about any of these scenarios, but our educated guess is the new bull, allegedly dubbed Asterion, is a four-seat hybrid looking to give the Ferrari FF a run for its money.

Its styling is also a mystery, although the sketch suggests it will adopt Lamborghini’s current design language. We have a hunch we’ll be bringing you a couple of leaked photos of the Asterion before the Paris Motor Show commences on October 2nd, but until that happens we dropped by to show you a couple of grainy images depicting a never-before-seen Lambo that just surface the Interwebz. There’s no actual proof that this is the mysterious Asterion, but there’s a big chance this is our first look at the new supercar.

The side windows seems to match the shape we saw in the sketch, while the rear fender intake looks nearly identical. We say "nearly" because the vent is placed slightly rearward in the sketch, but if there’s one thing we know about sketches, is that they’re not necessarily intended to accurately match the shape of the actual car. Could these photos show the modern-day Espada we’ll be seeing in Paris? Leave your opinions in the comments box below.

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Why It Matters

Is This the Lamborghini Asterion?
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It’s no longer shocking for brand-new cars to leak onto the Web before their official unveiling, which is why we’re tempted to believe we are indeed looking at the Lamborghini Asterion. It’s not just the window trim and the muscular fenders that confirm the hypothesis, but also the car’s familiar design. The headlamps are awfully similar to the Huracan’s, while the large front intakes have been a Lambo trademark for more than a decade. The wheels also appear to be the kind Lamborghini would use on its raging bulls.

On the other hand, these photos might be fake and looking to stir things up ahead of its global debut. Our advice is you take these shots with a grain of salt, while keeping a close eye on TopSpeed for further details.

Lamborghini Asterion

Lamborghini's Paris Supercar Could be Called "Asterión"
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