• Is This the Mythical 2021 Porsche 911 GT We’ve Been Waiting For?

You Can Bid to Win a Build Slot for the 2021 Porsche GT

A few months back, when it unveiled the 992-generation 911, Porsche also showcased a winged model in its Super Bowl add. The blue-painted coupe looked a lot like the 911 GT3, features the same big wing atop the rear deck. But Porsche has yet to reveal that car. What’s more, it seems that it is actually preparing the release of a different type of GT model. A new teaser just surfaced on Bring a Trailer, which hosts a bidding auction through which the winner will have the opportunity to secure a build slot for the upcoming model. The teaser photo shows a Porsche under a cover, and the details suggest that it’s not a GT3 or a GT2. But what could it be?

It’s all in the details

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Since both the GT3 and GT2 feature big rear wings, we have to exclude them from this scenario. That’s because the car under the cover features a spoiler instead of a wing. Even if this spoiler is retractable, it still would be big enough for the GT3 or GT2.

What's more, the rear fenders seem to feature massive vents, which go against the 911 GT3 design.

These vents are common on 911 Turbo models as well as the beefed-up 911 GT2, also powered by a turbocharged engine. Is this some sort of 911 GT2 without the extreme aerodynamic features? Like a Touring version of the GT2? It’s hard to tell at this point.

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The fact that the car is described as a "Porsche GT" could also mean that it’s an entirely different model that won’t feature a "GT3" or "GT2" badge. It’s likely based on the latest 911 Turbo, but there’s another interesting hint in the auction’s description. According to Bring a Trailer, "this vehicle is the product of years of testing and work by Porsche’s Weissach engineers to bring the car from the track to the streets." The last part means that Porsche could be preparing some sort of road-going version of one of its race cars. And that’s as exciting as it gets. Unfortunately, there are no other details to run by, so we will just have to wait to find out more.

Win the auction to secure a build spot

Is This the Mythical 2021 Porsche 911 GT We've Been Waiting For?
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The auction page goes on to say that the new Porsche will be unveiled in late January 2021.

It also specifies that the winner of the auction will get an allocation for a build slot. Yes, winning the auction won’t bring you the actual car, just the change to pay for and own one. This means that the Porsche GT will be very exclusive, the kind of car that is sold out in a matter of days. The build slot on auction can be used solely by the winning bidder and cannot be transferred, so it’s not something you can win and then sell to someone else for a profit.

The proceeds from the auction will go to benefit the Petersen Museum’s annual educational programs, restoration efforts, and strategic initiatives. The bidding ends on Sunday, and as of this writing, the highest bid is at $6,000.

Source: Bring A Trailer

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