The Toyota FT-1 Concept was unveiled last January amidst a chorus of adulation coming from all corners of the auto industry. In a lot of ways, the FT-1 was more than just a concept. It was the reinvigoration of hope that the successor to the Toyota Supra was just around the corner. But what we didn’t know then was that Toyota may have bigger plans for the FT-1 Concept other than its intended showpiece purpose.

FT1Club moderator VH_Supra26 noticed something peculiar in an episode of Motor Trend’s Downshift series featuring the FT-1 Concept. In that episode, the concept’s designers talked shop about the concept, describing what it represented in the company’s future sports car plans.

But in one of the scenes during the episode, sketch boads in the background revealed a particular sketch of a heavily modified FT-1 Concept. At the very least, it looked a lot more aggressive than the "standard" concept version, leading many to speculate that the Japanese automaker is seriously thinking about introducing a concept racing version of the FT-1.

Toyota] has given no indication on its end that such a car exists or that it has plans to build one in the future. But seeing the sketch of the concept, complete with the same color scheme of the G Sports Concept, makes us think that there will come a time in the not-so-distant future where Toyota will reveal the FT-1 Racing Concept.

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Why It Matters

The implications of an FT-1 Racing Concept are huge if Toyota does decide to go that route. It could be used as platform for a bigger and more powerful sports car. Maybe even a supercar.

But the more plausible scenario would be for Toyota to use the FT-1 Racing Concept as a precursor for a future race that can be used in a number of racing series all over the world.

At this point, all of this is just speculation on our end. But should the day come when Toyota debuts a race car version of the FT-1, then we’ll have a better idea on what the company has in store for it.

Toyota FT-1

2014 Toyota FT-1 Concept High Resolution Exterior
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2014 Toyota FT-1 Concept High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
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2014 Toyota FT-1 Concept High Resolution Exterior
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The FT-1 Concept is arguably the most important concept Toyota has built in recent years. It’s already been outed as a preview to the successor to the Toyota Supra so, yeah, the concept is a pretty big deal.

The concept was incredibly received when it made its debut last January, thanks to its "function-sculpting" design language that makes use of a curved, muscular, and expressive body.

Word also has it that Toyota is planning on fitting the Supra’s successor with engine options that include a 2.0-liter engine from the upcoming Lexus NX 200T and a more powerful, 2.5-liter, turbocharged, V-6 hybrid powertrain that can pump out as much as 400 horsepower.

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