As you know Porsche will be unveiling a new supercar concept at the Detroit Auto Show in January, and although we believe this may just be a photoshop of the future vehicle, this is said to be the first image of the Porsche.

All we know about this concept at the moment is that it is closely related to the 918 Spyder concept from which it takes key components, including elements of its platform.

In an official statement Porsche said: "Porsche will be giving a new model its world debut – and various other models their first showing in the USA. . The show in the traditional venue of Detroit, nicknamed ’Motor City’, is regarded as a leading international marketplace and forum for trends and opinions that is particularly relevant for the North American market. Porsche has been experiencing rapidly growing demand among its US customers over the past few months, especially for the new Panamera car line and the new generation of the Cayenne sporty off-roader."


Source: Bild

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  (444) posted on 03.28.2011

Just recently, Porsche have released a new version. I think its the car that you are talking about. Though it seems that nothing is different from the car except that its a roadster.

  (570) posted on 03.24.2011

hmm. I think Porsche is copying the platform of the 918 Spyder! But i do admit that the Porsche has been so successful on the US market!

  (386) posted on 03.10.2011

This is really nice much better than the Spyder. I think it would be so hard for me to take remove the Enzo on my top spot list.

  (798) posted on 03.9.2011

Wow! Looks great! Porsche has the highest rating in building concept and making into production! I think Porsche needs now to attain its look and higher performance level!

  (444) posted on 02.14.2011

Yeah, that’s right exterior is extremely gorgeous!

  (466) posted on 02.14.2011

super hot car! Those rear skirt makes the Porsche more sexier! I love the exterior of this car!

  (539) posted on 01.26.2011

Haha. Now I get a funny thought. This Porsche car will join the Detriot Show and the Spyder also..haha. which is which?smiley

  (797) posted on 01.26.2011

The good thing is they admit that the design is similar to 918 Spyder concept! Let’s just see if this Porsche car will be included on the Detroit.

  (630) posted on 01.25.2011

Everyone seems so excited about the Detroit Show! Including me!smiley

  (445) posted on 01.25.2011

An official statement said that Porsche will be giving a new model its world debut – and various other models their first showing in the USA. I will mark my calendar!smiley

  (329) posted on 01.3.2011

I’m a little bit confused - is there any reason at all why pricing for vehicles in foreign markets is newsworthy? It’s rare that these prices are out-of-line with their respective competitors in their home markets, and there’s clearly no apples-to-apples comparison with North American pricing.

  (504) posted on 01.3.2011

well actually Engineers are currently working on getting the hybrid’s top speed up to 200mph and Porsche claims the car could do a lap of the ‘Ring in 7mins 30secs.

  (367) posted on 01.2.2011

Yeah right I wish. They are severely handicapping the cayman for some reason. Whatever they have, hopefully it’s not another hybrid. Something more like a lighter more powerful factory tuned Carrera GT would be incredible!

  (392) posted on 01.2.2011

I think it is another 911, but I heard it’s going to be faster than the GT2 RS... Please god let it be a new GT1 car....

  (1211) posted on 12.28.2010

NO, No, I think this movie is all about how is the life of being parking attendant and how does it take to be one..

  (776) posted on 12.28.2010

I would love to play this on my new PS3, I’ve herd that people die for these kinds of people

  (647) posted on 12.27.2010

I’ve heard a similar teaser recently. It was supposedly "spectacular sports car", they came up with a Cayman R.

  (806) posted on 12.27.2010

hmm it looks great actually. lets do hope that this will reach the production line... many do like it’s designs and aggressive looks.

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