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Introduced in 2015, the Mercedes-AMG GT is currently available in a variety of models with output ranging from the 456 horsepower of the base model to the impressive 577 horses of the range-topping GT R. But AMG isn’t stopping here. According to recent rumors, a Black Series model is underway, and we just received the first spy shots of the sports car.

Is this the upcoming Mercedes AMG GT R Black Series? Exterior Spyshots
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Although it appears to be an AMG GT R at first glance, a closer look at the rear end reveals a never-before-seen feature. I’m talking about the exhaust pipes that pop out from under the camouflage at each corner of the lower bumper. Not only placed completely different from any other AMG GT, but they also feature a stack layout, similar to high-performance Lexus models. Our paparazzi also claim that the coupe was slightly louder than usual.

Granted, we can't be absolutely sure that this is indeed a Black Series version of the AMG GT R, but it makes sense given that Mercedes confirmed such a car is underway.

AMG boss Tobias Moers revealed back in March, at the Geneva Motor Show, that his team is working on an additional version for the GT R that will slot above the R version. The only way to do that is to add more power and save weight, exactly what the Black Series package did to other Mercs in the past. The good news is that it could arrive as soon as 2020.

Is this the upcoming Mercedes AMG GT R Black Series? Exterior Spyshots
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Only five models were upgraded to Black Series spec up until now, and all of them where two-door models. It all started with the SLK55 AMG in 2006 and the CLK63 AMG in 2007. The SL65 AMG Black Series followed in 2008, while the C63 AMG Black Series arrived in 2011. A similar version of the SLS AMG was sold in 2013. The C63 AMG was the last Merc to sport a "Black Series" badge before it was discontinued in 2015.

Expect the Mercedes-AMG GT R Black Series to deliver close to 600 horsepower and lose at least 150 pounds compared to the standard GT R.

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