According to AutoExpress, yes it will! The magazine reports that Volkswagen has joined forces with British rock group The Who on creating the future camper van.

The Who – which used a VW Camper as transport in its early years – performed at the vehicle’s recent 60th birthday celebrations in Hanover, Germany. Immediately after its gig in front of 40,000 adoring fans, the supergroup spent time with top VW executives from Germany and the UK.

The redes­igned version will have an unashamedly retro look. However, a stripped-out, less is more appearance will help keep costs down and make the vehicle more accessible to buyers on tighter budgets. According to VW, the new Camper will almost certainly be built in the US, and it’s equally likely that it will be badged Bulli – a name that the company has only recently registered to itself.

Source: AutoExpress

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  (579) posted on 07.11.2011

I am a big fan of camper and I hope it will be back soon as we celebrate its 60th year of existence.

  (331) posted on 10.7.2010

Please make a camper... There are no small, cheap campers left. I even looked into a Honda Element, but no a replacement for the VW.

  (765) posted on 10.5.2010

by the time we get to Hanover . . . we were half a million strong .

  (831) posted on 09.20.2010

You may want to read the press release again... The show car is not based on the California, it’s based on the Caddy Life, a model not available in the UK, where you can get the Caddy only as a commercial van.

  (780) posted on 09.15.2010

I wonder how light the nose gets with all that weight hanging past the rear axle like that. Should have just made it a 2dr so that you could more than camper part up some.

  (859) posted on 08.24.2010

As a previous owner of a Vanagon and Eurovan, it sure would be nice to see VW put something similar back in the American market. TDI with Synchro please. Again, not holding my breath.... They could possible do something with the Routan, it does have nice skin, just pop the top and VW’fi the interior. Get rid of the fu-fu and ad some utility.

  (134) posted on 08.1.2010

They should do that cause they haven’t release a latest camper. Can’t wait to see it back.

  (89) posted on 04.6.2010

Oh my god build this. I would love to sport this in the beaches and camps around the country. Come on VW you’re sitting on a goldmine.

  (780) posted on 02.25.2010

The camper should come back. I love the fully restored Camper whenever I see one. It is a hippy ride as I used to call it when I was young but seeing it fully restored is a very interesting experience. It just amazes you on how the van from way back can be cool today.

  (808) posted on 01.3.2010

it should be, it was been a long time since VW created a new camper.

  (6023) posted on 03.17.2008

i own a 1976 westfalia camper, and am in the process of resto it I love my westy and feel as though it is the bomb please don’t make a modern version of this vehicle it’s perfect the way it was designed. the who was a great band and alwas will be tell vw they lost it when they made front wheel drive cars please don’t destroy this vehicle even children that never lived this era know that this is a vw and they get excited and give me a peace sign when i drive bye keep the peace maaaan

  (6023) posted on 03.3.2008

Please bring back the VW van. I really would love to see a true retro job of it. Has to have that VW feel to it. In 1995 I had to settle for a mini van, a Plymouth Voyager. Please GOD, I never want to have to settle for anything like that again! I wanted a VW eurovan or late model Vanagon but they did not sell here in the USA that year. My wife needed a van and we got screwed.

tango  (372) posted on 10.20.2007

Bulli? VW has gone tooooo far. I have another Bulli for that is a prefix to another popular word. The vehicle looks good though.

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