Concerns about improperly welded seat brackets are the reason for the recall

Owning a Bugatti Chiron affords you a different set of luxuries. That’s especially true when it comes to issues affecting the $3 million supercar, and the subsequent recalls that come with it. See, Bugatti doesn’t do recalls the way Volkswagen, Toyota, or even BMW do. When the Chiron has issues, Bugatti sends one of its “Flying Doctors” to your address, wherever you are in the world. This is important now because these Flying Doctors are expected to add on to their miles after the French automaker announced a particular issue surrounding the Chiron’s seat brackets.

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The Flying Doctors are expected to trot the globe and inspect all 47 Chirons that have been delivered to their owners

The issue itself isn’t a big one, so there’s no cause for concern if you’re a Bugatti Chiron owner. This is just the kind of due diligence that Bugatti is known for, something that’s understandable considering how much each of these supercars cost. According to Bloomberg, the Flying Doctors are expected to trot the globe and inspect all 47 Chirons that have been delivered to their owners. Once they knock on your gates, they’re going to inspect the car to see if it has a faulty seat. If it is determined that the seat is faulty, it will be loaded onto a truck and transported to the nearest Bugatti service center where Bugatti will replace the entire seat assembly free of charge.

Don’t sleep on Bugatti’s generosity here; those seat assemblies probably cost more than a brand-new compact sedan. The good news is that the issue isn’t expected to a big one. Bugatti estimates that only one percent of the 47 Chiron models are affected by the problem. I’m no math genius, but I do know that one percent of 47 cars converts to less than half of one car. That means that Bugatti’s Flying Doctors could travel all over the world only to find out that there aren’t any Chirons to fix.

Then again, if it’s in Bugatti’s dime, I don’t expect any of these Flying Doctors to take issue with the fact that they get to trot the globe without having to spend a penny.


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