Ever used a rental car company before and been overcharged for something? Overcharging rental car companies seem to be a common occurence but not as drastic as this case with a Mexican Hertz Rental company. They overcharge a customer for $500 dollars on a flat tire! Ouch does that "Hert".
After finding out about the charge the victim, Katy, contacted Hertz who told her that it was standard procedure- yah so is all of sudden being overcharged on your credit card by a credit card company for 500 dollars for nothing.
This is downright absurb and the rental company should not only credit poor Katy (literally) bu they should also offer her discount on her next rental if not a free rental for the inconvenience they have caused her life. If rental companies can not take responsibility for their actions , then their should be legal action by victims of overcharging.

Source: www.consumerist.com

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