Out of the frying pan…

Drift cars are probably some of the most abused race machines out there (rally cars are pretty close, though). Between living at the rev limiter and bouncing off the barriers, these slideways stars are usually held together with little more than zip ties and dreams. Indeed, dents and bruises are marks of honor in the drift tribe – garage queens need no apply. And that’s why it makes sense to see this charred E36 Bimmer coming back from the dead for a little opposite lock glory, complete with a brand new charcoal exterior finish.

Apparently, this particular E36 was stuck in a garage fire, which singed the exterior and interior to a crisp. But hey, who needs flashy paint and silly carpets in a race car, right? Now, the Bimmer is back in the action, getting tail happy and making a little smoke of its own. Hilariously, the owner decided to keep the charred exterior as is. Maybe this is the new trend everyone will follow instead of the typical flat black rattle can jobs you see everywhere nowadays. Ditch the spray paint, and grab the blow torch. All we gotta say is – well done.


BMW M3 E36

1992 - 2000 E36 BMW M3 Review
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2015 BMW M3 High Resolution Exterior
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