McLaren test driver Pedro de la Rosa was questioned by Italian prosecutors yesterday, in a meeting arranged by them. De la Rosa is at least the second McLaren driver to undergo questioning. The authorities questioned Fernando Alonso earlier this month.
Neither driver is considered to be a target of the criminal investigation being conducted by police. However, questioning of de la Rosa focused on his knowledge of e-mails to McLaren containing secret Ferrari information, e-mails which were apparently accessible in some manner to McLaren team drivers, including test driver de la Rosa. Questioning of de la Rosa focused on e-mails between himself and Alsonso and between Alonso and Mike Coughlan, the McLaren engineer implicated with former Ferrari employee Nigel Stepney in passing secret information from Ferrari to McLaren.
The prosecutor conducting the questioning is the same prosecutor heading the investigation of Stepney, an investigation which encompasses both industrial espionage and industrial sabotage allegations. The questioning of de la Rosa, however, is thought to be more directly centered on the Italian investigation of several McLaren employees previously warned by the Italians that they were the subject of criminal inquiries. 

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