Gran Turismo 5’s official US release is still up in the air despite what some sites - hello, Amazon! - will make you think. But one thing has been made official (at last!) by Sony execs regarding the fifth-generation racing simulator; GT 5 will hit the shelves on March of 2010 in Japan.

The March 2010 release is six-months after the game goes out on sale for the PSP. But the one thing on everyone’s mind – especially to us on this side of the world who doesn’t speak nor understand Japanese – is when the game will hit the Western world.

Sony has yet to announce a specific date – thank you for keeping us all hanging, by the way – for the US release, although if history is any indicator, we might not get to see it until a few months after its Japan release.

It looks like the wait for GT5 should become more and more excruciating, especially when you take into consideration the fact that GT4 was released in 2005.

Yes, it’s been THAT long, and to be honest, we don’t know how much longer we can wait before we go crazy.


Source: Kotaku

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  (571) posted on 02.1.2010

Great news. I do wonder when it will be available to the USA though. I remember that it took a month or so for other games launched in Japan before it reached the country. And that is a long time. For other gamers, specially in Japan, they would have surely customized good cars by then.

  (8) posted on 09.27.2009

GT - King of racing simulation smiley

  (182) posted on 09.27.2009

One of the things that we should all wait for are the cars that they would simulate in the game.

  (183) posted on 09.27.2009

Well, I’m sure that GT will not deprive us of anything new and worth the wait. It’s probably the most popular game ever. I remember it was awarded with Guiness records. I’m sure that should mean a lot of pressure.

  (180) posted on 09.27.2009

The last version was really something. It took a me a year or so before it bored me and moved to another game. So they better make sure that it’s worth the wait.

  (177) posted on 09.27.2009

Certainly the game of the century! I can’t wait to have it in my PSP. We all need to know what they have improved.

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