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It’s Official: Toyota To Offer The Supra With A Manual Gearbox!

Toyota does its part in the #SaveTheManual campaign by announcing that the Supra will be offered with a manual gearbox

Well, here’s some good news for you Supra fans. Toyota is all set to offer the Supra with a third pedal! The company confirmed the rumors, which had picked up heat in recent times, by making the announcement on its Twitter page. There’s still no word which engine will get the manual gearbox, but at least we know it’s coming! Pretty cool, huh?

The Third Pedal Finally Debuts In This Little Sports Car

It's Official: Toyota To Offer The Supra With A Manual Gearbox!
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In all honesty, this has been the only glaringly obvious chink in Supra’s armor ever since it was relaunched. The company has made sure to keep the Supra far from boring by introducing special edition models, making a few tweaks every now and there, and so on. But, a manual gearbox’s absence was always felt. There were a lot of rumors in recent times about the manual gearbox coming to the lineup, but the company hadn’t confirmed anything… until now!

Toyota USA tweeted a picture of the driver’s footwell that shows the third pedal along with the caption “Did you think we were done? 😏 Stay tuned... #Supra #Manual #LetsGoPlaces”

While this confirmation fills a void and makes us happy, the next big question is, which engine gets the manual gearbox? The car is offered with two engine options – a 2.0-liter, turbocharged four-cylinder mill that puts out 255 horses and a 3.0-liter, inline-six that makes 382 ponies. Currently, both the engines are offered only with an eight-speed automatic gearbox sourced from ZF.

We Had Already Heard About A Manual Gearbox Coming To The Supra

It's Official: Toyota To Offer The Supra With A Manual Gearbox! Exterior Drivetrain
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The Supra is offered with two engine choices, both are which are currently offered with an eight-speed ZF automatic gearbox

The rumors started earlier this year when a dealer’s notice suggested that the GR Supra will be offered with a manual gearbox for the 2023 model year. But, as it turns out, it would only be for the Japanese market. A few days back, a press release on Toyota U.K.’s page confirmed the same, thus quashing the rumors that it will be Japan-exclusive.

The release read – “Toyota Gazoo Racing sports car customers and fans have spoken and we’ve listened. A Toyota GR Supra with an all-new, tailor-made manual transmission is coming soon. Developed to meet the demands of driving purists, the Toyota GR Supra Manual Transmission has been engineered to offer enthusiasts something that is closer to the Gazoo Racing DNA and will enhance the driving experience. This addition to the GR (Gazoo Racing) sports car line-up is unmistakably a Supra, its new red “Supra” badge signalling the presence of manual transmission – a highly desirable, pure and special feature. More information will be shared in the coming weeks. #savethemanual”

It's Official: Toyota To Offer The Supra With A Manual Gearbox! Exterior Drivetrain
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A rumor that we covered previously suggested that the manual Supra will come in a special Matte White Edition as standard

The same day, Toyota U.S. also made an announcement on Twitter about the Supra getting a manual gearbox. There aren’t a whole lot of details available yet, but another rumor noted that the manual Supra will be offered in a Matte White Edition. This will include a special exterior color and a tan leather interior, both of which will be exclusive to the three-pedal Supra. It will also include wireless charging and USB ports.


It's Official: Toyota To Offer The Supra With A Manual Gearbox! Exterior Drivetrain
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Swipe up to read about the manual transmission Supra in detail

We hope it will be offered with both the options, but we’ll have to wait and watch what Toyota has decided. The automaker will give more details on this in the coming weeks. If the automaker were to offer it with only one of these engines, which one would you pick? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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