• It Took Justin Bieber Three Weeks to Find his Misplaced Blue Ferrari 458

The perks of being rich and famous is you have people to find your missing Ferrari for you

If you’re somebody like Justin Bieber, your life is probably hectic enough as it is. But to misplace your car after a night out on the town? Clearly, that doesn’t happen to anyone, right? Right? Wrong, because somehow, it happened to the Canadian pop star, who, according to multiple reports, lost his customized neon blue Ferrari 458 Italia when he forgot where he parked the car. It’s a case that will make the Hardy Boys proud.

Fortunately, the car has since been found, but only after an assistant took three weeks to track it down at the parking garage of the upscale Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills where Beiber left it in the care of valets before hitting the Hollywood club scene.

“She was in a real state of panic and almost cried with relief when we told her the Ferrari was safe in a covered spot here,” a member of the hotel’s valet team told the Daily Star. “Celebrities will leave one of their vehicles with us in between stays so it’s ready for them to use as soon as they check-in. We all assumed Justin had done that.”

According to the British newspaper, the Biebs parked the 458 Italia and proceeded to forget where he left it once his night of revelry was done. Not that it matters now, but Bieber must have had a lot of fun during that night out for him to completely forget where he left a car that costs $240,000.

Then again, it’s not like Bieber’s going to miss out on losing a Ferrari, especially when you consider that he’s worth $200 million to begin with. For him, replacing a Ferrari is the equivalent of us replacing a light bulb so unless that 458 Italia has some sentimental value to him, he probably could’ve bought one – or 10 – the next day. Besides, the 22-year-old has his own Ferrari LaFerrari, which is five times more expensive than the 458 Italia, not to mention a steady stream of Lamborghinis, an Audi R8, a Porsche 911 Turbo, a chromed up Fisker Karma, and whatever other cars he has in his garage.

All’s well that ends well though because the neon blue Ferrari 458 Italia found its way back to its owner. Maybe next time the Biebs can leave the Ferrari at home and just hail an Uber or Lyft the next time he goes out to paint the town red. And since he’s in California, he might have an option of having his future autonomous cars drive him to his hotspots and just come pick him up when he’s had too much fun again. Autonomous driving, Justin! That’s the future!

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The ballad of Justin Bieber continues

To be fair to Bieber, it’s not uncommon for people to misplace their cars, especially when they spend a whole night having fun in the club scene. The revelry that comes with a good night out can make people forget about the things they’ve done prior to getting intoxicated. Really, there have been multiple scientific studies done about this and they all point to the same conclusion: too much drinking can cause people to black out and regain fuzzy memories of what happened the day or night before.

I’m not saying that Bieber had too much fun that ended up causing him to forget where he parked his Ferrari 458 Italia, but it is a fair assumption considering that this is Justin Bieber we’re talking about. That said, none of it matters now because the neon blue Ferrari 458 Italia has been found thanks to a very determined assistant. All’s well that ends well, right?

It just goes to show though how someone like Justin Bieber can forget where he parked his $240,000 supercar and then have someone find it for him weeks later. Ah, yes, the perks of being a celebrity.

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Source: Daily Mail

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