Those awesome concepts we’ve been seeing could make their way to production

For years, Italdesign has treated us with some incredible concepts, from the Brivido to the Gea to the GTZero Concept. None of these cars ended up making production, but that could all change moving forward after the Italian design firm announced plans to launch a new sub-brand that will be dedicated solely to the production of “ultra low series production cars.”

The new boutique brand is called Italdesign Automobile Speciali, and a big part of its objective is to bring some of the design firm’s concepts to life, even if these cars will only run in limited numbers. It’s still unclear which of these concepts will find their way into production, but the firm’s showcase model for the 2017 Geneva Motor Show - a yet-to-be-named concept that’s only been seen through a handful of teasers - is a good bet to be Italdesign Automobile Specilai’s debut piece.

Unclear status aside, the new brand does have something to tout: a new logo that the company says was inspired by the emblem of the Italian city of Turin, which prominently features a bull. Filippo Perini, Italdesign’s head of innovation design, described it as such, saying that the design was inspired by the symbol of the City of Turin. “In this city, the history of Italian automobile was born, the most famous and prestigious carmakers were born, as well as the ’coachbuilders‘ who made the Italian car design famous worldwide,” Perini added. It comes as no surprise then that the new brand’s logo also highlights a bull’s head - or heads depending on how your eyes perceive - encased in a Superman-like crest with the words “Italdesign Automobile Speciali wrapped around it.

Beyond the launch of the new logo, the immediate future of Italdesign Automobile Speciali could have some clarity in it when its latest concept hits the showroom floor in Geneva this coming March. Don’t be surprised if said concept even comes wearing the new company’s new badge. That’s at least one way for the new sub-brand to make a splash as it embarks on a future that’s now beaming with possibilities.

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This should be good provided that finances don’t ruin new brand’s future

Italdesign Is (Finally!) Spreading Its Wings With Boutique Brand Announcement
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For those who aren’t familiar with Italdesign’s contributions to the auto industry, the company’s press release offers a nostalgic look back at some of the cars that the company has helped design in the past. There’s the BMW M1, which today is still considered one of the most desirable BMWs to have ever been built. There’s also the eponymous Volkswagen W12 supercar, the same concept that many regard as the ancestor of the Bugatti Veyron in part because the VW’s then-revolutionary W-shaped engines evolved in the W16s that powered the Veyron to numerous production car speed records.

Italdesign’s pedigree in the industry should not be questioned so this announcement is exciting in the sense that we might be able to see some of the firm’s future concept vehicles come to life, even if they’ll be limited in production number. Who knows, we might even see some of the recent concepts I mentioned above get revisited at some point in the future. Would you care for a production version of the Brivido Concept? I certainly would. How about a road-ready Gea super luxury sedan? Sign me up for that one too.

The possibilities open up when a design house intends to take its concepts a step further and actually build them. Then again, this move also opens up new challenges that are going to be impossible to ignore. History has shown us that building concepts is one thing, producing them – even in limited numbers – is another thing entirely. That’s what has me cautious about how Italdesign Automobile Speciali and I don’t think I’m the only one who has this sentiment.

Whatever the case may be, I’m still looking forward to seeing what Italdesign has in store for the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. If that concept lives up to the increasing hype it’s been getting, then there’s a good chance that it could become the new boutique brand’s first ever production offering. Should that happen, you can be sure that a lot of eyes will be on the new company to see if it has what it takes to bring its vision to life.

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