We’ve all seen the way that most luxury cars develop through their conception phase. They start off as a rough drawing, then become a computerized image, and finally turn into a clay model just before the design is finalized. We have often wondered what happens to these clay models after all is said and done. Do they throw them in an over-sized kiln and cook them so they remain permanent fixtures forever embedded in their designers’ memories, or do they destroy them in dramatic fashion with axe-bearing employees?

For those of you that chose the latter scenario – as unbelievable as it sounds – this is precisely how Jaguar rid itself of this life-sized hunk of clay that was once the design platform for the all-new XF. Jaguar didn’t see it fit to just take the clay model into a back roof and hack it into bits, Godfather style, but rather film their three hitmen chopping this beautiful model into tiny bits.

You can see the dramatic video of the three men demolishing the clay model above. We are starting to wonder if every Jaguar model is hacked up in such dramatic fashion, if so, that is a great way to let off some steam. Unfortunately, we are willing to bet that this is significantly dramatized, but cool as hell nonetheless.

We could think of a few older Jags that could use some axe treatment. The X-Type that is the first on the list to catch an axe. No, we don’t mean the clay model; an actual X-Type (A.K.A. Ford Taurus in a Jaguar wrapper).


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