"Jaguar earned the dubious distinction of having the oldest shoppers in the fourth quarter of 2006, according to a survey by CNW Research, which measures auto dealership floor traffic."

Who can blame the average 65.8 years old car shopper, trying to get back into their first beloved car from 1973.

I have to admit that aside of the 911 and the Jaguar XJ, there are really few cars looking that close to the original model back in the 70’s.

Jaguar AVERAGE shopper is 65 years old!
- image 126514

You have been warned, each new Jaguar will soon come with a free subscription to AARP magazine.

Jaguar AVERAGE shopper is 65 years old!
- image 126515

As we are poking some fun to our beloved Jaguars, keep in mind the the second winner is Mercedes with shopper age at 64.2 and third place to Lincoln at 64.2.

So what’s cool for the young these days? KIA ! wins with an average shopper of 33.9 years old.

Jaguar AVERAGE shopper is 65 years old!
- image 126521

Source: Automotive NEws

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