While I was documenting some fun facts about Jaguar shoppers. I discovered a disturbing shot of the Jaguar C-XF concept car, then ressemblance with the Aston Martin Rapide concept really striked me.

I would not blame Jaguar for using some Aston Martin inspiration. I was happy to see the new Jaguar XK as a baby Aston. But may be when it is time for concept cars. Meaning cars that are supposed to be Different from what we have seen last year, they could have made a little effort.

Jaguar C-XF, Concept or tunning?
- image 126526
Jaguar C-XF, Concept or tunning?
- image 126527

I think the new Jag looks much like a tunner evolution of the classy Aston Martin Rapide. they added a bunch of body kits alla round and they claim it a new concept.

We appreciate the effort to regain younger customers attention, but ... no thanks I’ll take the Aston.

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