Santa Claus has a pretty unenviable job, even if it means he only has to work for one day out of the entire year. Can you imagine being dormant for 364 days in preparation for that one day where you have to go to millions of miles to drop off presents to the world’s children? It’s a daunting task that I wouldn’t want on my plate. But, Santa’s a real trooper, and if there’s a way a company like Jaguar Land Rover can help good ol’ Saint Nick, it’s going to take the opportunity to do so.

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Santa Needs to Move Around in Jaguar Style

That’s probably a big reason why JLR took the time to develop the F-Sleigh, a newer and fancier sleigh that should be a suitable replacement for his presumably dilapitated, reindeer-powered sleigh. The F-Sleigh recently made its public debut at the London Edition hotel to celebrate the launch of Jaguar’s 2016 merchandise and luxury goods launch. It was presented as an ice sculpture, which doesn’t really help Santa, but the design elements are there for the sleigh to be a useful new ride for Santa this holiday season.

So, what’s cool about the F-Sleigh? Well, everything about it is pretty cool. It has the same silhouette as that of the Jaguar F-Type, albeit with skates instead of wheels.

Considering that Santa prefers traveling in the air, the absence of wheels shouldn’t pose a problem to the F-Sleigh’s overall function. What Santa really needs is a bigger space to accommodate all the presents he’d be lugging around. Fortunately, Jaguar designed the F-Sleigh with a large trunk, or at least larger than what you or me can get on the F-Type. Considering that the F-Type’s trunk can barely accommodate presents for one family, let alone millions, the F-Sleigh’s trunk capacity could prove to be mighty useful for Santa Claus.

Then there’s the sleigh’s engine, which, according to Jaguar, operates under jet power. The British automaker didn’t dive into the details of the engine, opting only to say that it was developed in conjunction with the F-Type’s supercharged motors. Whatever it is that’s lurking under the hood of the F-Sleigh, it’s clear that Santa would have no use for Rudolph and the reindeer gang if he decides to use the F-Sleigh this Christmas.

That or maybe Jaguar actually developed the F-Sleigh as a hybrid that can either run on jet power or reindeer power depending on the situation. Either way, the F-Sleigh looks like a really cool new mode of transport for our beloved Kris Kringle. It even has a red nose and some decorative antlers fixed to the side mirrors! Those are a couple of pretty cool cosmetic details right there.

Why it matters

While I confess to knowing very little about the technological advancements that have been made in the sleigh business, I do know that Santa Claus, and his reindeer for that matter, will need all the help they can get this coming Christmas. With so many houses to visit and gifts to shoot down chimneys, a more modern, and admittedly fancier sleigh may not be the worst idea.

The F-Sleigh should be able to address those concerns. The jet-powered engine should give Rudolph and the rest of the reindeers some much-needed assistance if they get a little winded. The air up there is pretty thin, you know, especially this time of the year. At the same time, the engine should also make it faster for Santa to go from one continent to another, cutting down his delivery time in the process.

Oh, and let’s not forget about luggage space, which is arguably the most important feature of the F-Sleigh, especially if it functions the same way as Hermione’s clutch bag in the Harry Potter movies. You know, the kind that you can literally accommodate thanks to its “bottomless’ feature? Considering that a lot of kids today will probably be asking for Star Wars merchandise (those can get really bulky) this season, Santa’s going to need as much space in that trunk to fit all those light sabers.

Let’s also give credit to Jaguar for being gracious enough to design and develop the F-Sleigh in the first place. Even if there’s really no real-world function attached to it, it just shows that the Christmas spirit is alive and well over there in Whitley.

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Press Release

Jaguar and Land Rover showcased their latest collection of branded goods alongside licensed partners in central London today, to mark the launch of the brands’ 2016 collections.

A special ice-sculpture of a Christmas-inspired Jaguar design was exclusively revealed at the London Edition hotel to celebrate the merchandise and luxury goods launch. Codenamed ‘F-SLEIGH’, the Jaguar Christmas sleigh takes inspiration from the Jaguar F-TYPE convertible, but with skates in place of wheels, a generous open luggage compartment for gifts and jet power to generate Jaguar’s renowned supercharged performance through the night sky. A Growler-embossed red nose completes the F-SLEIGH’s Christmas theme.

Lindsay Weaver, Jaguar Land Rover Director of Branded and Licensed Goods said:

“The amazing F-SLEIGH may be a bit of Christmas fun, but it proves that Jaguar Land Rover is now creating much more than world-class cars. We have been working tirelessly to develop collections that tell stories and celebrate our great brands, and this 2016 collection is our most desirable ever - we’ve really pushed ahead for design, quality and originality and it’s great to showcase it alongside the luxury goods being produced by our exclusive brand partners.”

Some of the products displayed by Jaguar and Land Rover brand partners included exclusive items from Art Fragrance, Barbour, Bremont, Globetrotter, Menrad, Oliver Sweeney, Landy Books and 2x2 Ltd.

In addition, in-house products from Jaguar and Land Rover including limited edition (199 of each) meticulously hand-crafted 1:8 scale models of iconic Jaguar cars (displayed was a 1957 XKSS), a Defender Pedal Car concept, and heritage-inspired apparel and branded accessories were installed as part of the showcase.

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