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It’s been just over a year since Jaguar showed off the I-Pace concept at the Los Angeles Auto Show, and now the model has been confirmed for a global reveal in the first quarter of 2018. Few details have been released as of the time of this writing, but Jaguar promises the order books will open for full configuration in March, with customers who have clicked the “I Want One” button on Jag’s website getting priority. So far, more than 200 production-level prototypes have allegedly traveled a grand total of 1.5 million miles over 11,000 hours of testing. Jag claims it can deliver long distances from a single charge and will be able to fast charge with “80-percent charge being achievable in a short break.” Full specification and pricing information will be made available in March when the order books officially open. Want to know more?

2019 Jaguar i-Pace

Jaguar I-Pace Confirmed For 2018 Debut Exterior
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The i-Pace will be Jag’s first all-electric vehicle and a stand-up competitor for the Tesla Model X

The i-Pace will be Jag’s first all-electric vehicle and a stand-up competitor for the Tesla Model X. It was originally displayed in prototype form back in 2016 and is expected to borrow at least some cues from the Jaguar F-Pace. Developed and created by Ian Callum, the same man behind the Aston Martin DB7, DB9, Jaguar XK, XF, and XJ, among others, you can expect the i-Pace to deliver not only in the performance department but the looks department as well.

Little is known about the production version of the i-Pace, but the concept made use of two electric motors for an AWD layout that delivered a total of 394 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. Jaguar claimed the concept could hit 60 mph in four seconds. While EPA figures aren’t available, a 300-mile range is widely expected, and Jaguar is apparently set to deliver based on its recent announcement. Apparently, a customer asked if the i-Pace would be able to take her favorite road trip along the west coast of California. Well, to prove a point, Jag picked her up in an i-Pace and made her 200-mile trip from Sunset Boulevard to Morro Bay on a single charge. Not bad, but it would be nice to know how much range was left, right?

Jaguar I-Pace Confirmed For 2018 Debut Exterior
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The concept could take an 80-percent charge in about 90 minutes and a 100-percent charge in just over two hours with 50 kW DC charging

As far as charging goes, the concept could take an 80-percent charge in about 90 minutes and a 100-percent charge in just over two hours with 50 kW DC charging. Whether or not Jag has made improvements in that department remains to be seen, but it has said that it wants to deliver a vehicle that’s “fast to charge” with “zero to 80-percent being achievable in a short break.” I guess we’ll have to wait for the i-Pace to debut to get the full story, but that will be happening in the very near future. An Early 2018 Debut could mean either the Detroit Auto Show or the Chicago Auto Show, with Chicago being a little more likely as Jag puts on the finishing touches.


Jaguar I-Pace

2016 Jaguar I-Pace Concept
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2019 Jaguar I-Pace Exterior Spyshots
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Jaguar I-PACE enters final validation testing ahead of global reveal in early 2018
Pricing and specifications will be announced and order books open for full configurations in March 2018
Over 200 production prototypes have completed 1.5 million miles and 11,000 hours of testing

Thousands of potential customers have pressed the ‘I want one’ button on www.jaguar.com to place a deposit or register a strong interest in the hotly anticipated electric SUV. Not only will they be at the front of the queue when order books officially open in March, but a lucky few have been chosen to accompany Jaguar’s engineers as prototype vehicles complete final validation tests.

Ann Voyer from Pasadena asked Jaguar if the I-PACE would have enough range to complete her favourite road trip along California’s West Coast. To answer her question, Jaguar engineers took her on a long-distance range test – on one charge only. The I-PACE production prototype drove 200 miles from Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, to Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo, on a single charge of its advanced Lithium-Ion battery.

After 1.5 million global test miles, the I-PACE is ready for production and is proven to deliver long distances on a single charge. Jaguar’s first battery electric vehicle will also be fast to charge; our target is a zero to 80 per cent charge being achievable in a short break. Ian Hoban, Jaguar Vehicle Line Director

Full specification and pricing for Jaguar’s electric performance SUV will be announced in March 2018 when order books will officially open.

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