• Jaguar Land Rover Plans to Offer Three-Cylinder And Straight-Six Engines

The old statement “there’s no replacement for displacement” is about as valid these days as a “Turbo” button on a PC. Apparently, Jaguar Land Rover is up to speed on this outdated thinking, as a new report claims that it will move toward three-cylinder engines. Along with this report is the claim that Jaguar will move away from V-6 engine and back to inline-six powerplants.

With modern electronics and ever-improving turbocharging technology, small-displacement engines are putting out more ponies per liter than ever before. According to the report, Land Rover will use a new line of Ingenium three-cylinder engines to power the Evoque, 2016 Discovery Sport, and F-Pace. Jaguar will also get in on the three-pot fun with future versions of the XE.

There is no mention of when these three-cylinder engines will be ready for production, but it shouldn’t be too long.

As for Jag’s movement back to inline-six engines, that will happen sooner than later, likely sometime after 2016. Jaguar will utilize its signature long hood to house a more fuel-efficient turbocharged I-6 engine. In addition to fuel savings, this movement to I-6 engines will hark back to Jaguars of yesteryear, giving nostalgia buffs a reason to love the British brand once again.

We’ll bring you more details as they roll out.

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Why it matters

Large-displacement engines that are heavy, suck down fuel like mad and spew CO2 on a grand scale are outdated. Much like electronic fuel injection did to carburetors and mechanical fuel injection, modern technology is making displacement obsolete. There are still a few manufacturers holding out, but most are succumbing to the ever-tightening emission and fuel-economy regulations around the world by reducing displacement and replacing it with forced induction.

Jaguar Land Rover, being a relatively low-volume automaker, needs to be ahead of the curve when it comes to these new regulations. The early introduction of these three-cylinder engines and the more efficient I-6 engines is just one way it can do that.

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