According to Detroit New, Jaguar lost more than $715 million in 2006, expects to loose more than $550 million this year, more than $300 million next year and is not expecting a profit for several years. And this all happens when Jaguar seems to have a realistic turnaround strategy.

In the future Jaguar will drop the mass market models and will concentrate on building elegant sport coupes and sedans for the motoring elite.

Jaguar will drop lower-priced models like the midsize X-Type and larger S-Type sedans — both based on Ford platforms — and concentrating on higher-end models that are all about style and performance. Jaguar will go on Quality over Quantity.

"I prefer to let the cars speak for themselves," Boerio said, pointing to Jaguar’s latest models, the XK and XKR — both stylish vehicles that critics agree exemplify the best attributes of the brand. She also points to the Jaguar C-XF, the sleek new concept unveiled at the Detroit auto show. The production XF will hew closely to the display model. Due on the market in early 2008, it will replace the S-Type and be promoted as Jaguar’s entry vehicle in the most competitive markets: Germany, Japan and the United States.

This will not be the end of X-Type. It will will continue to be an important part of the brand’s product strategy in other countries, with new content and features to make up for the vehicle’s deficiencies.

Source: DetNews

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Lucca  (27) posted on 01.24.2007

this is a great path for Jaguar to take in the States. So many better cars to get for the money when looking at X type competitors - ie 3 series

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