Jaguar Officially Cans C-X75 Supercar

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You could say that the writing was on the wall longer than most of us were willing to accept it.

After all, it was an ambitious project to begin with, one that would undoubtedly cost Jaguar a ton of money. Sure, we were teased that the C-X75 supercar could end up being a production car, but in the end, that was all it was: a tease. Just as late as yesterday, reports were pointing toward the C-X75 heading into the next testing phase, but it apparently got the axe before it could hit that phase.

That much was made clear by Jaguar’s global brand director Adrian Hallmark after confirming to Autocar UK what a lot of us assumed would happen: production of the C-X75 has been scrapped. Jaguar made the decision to stop production in large part because of the current economic crisis gripping the world today. With the unpredictability of the economy, it didn’t seem like the smartest of business move to push forward with a million-dollar supercar given the unpredictability of the economy.

"We feel we could make the car work, but looking at the global austerity measures in place now, it seems the wrong time to launch an £800,000 to £1 million supercar," Hallmark told Autocar.

It’s a disappointing but, ultimately, understandable decision. It’s a decision that Jaguar had to make to protect its bottom line. We can’t fault them for that. In the meantime, the five existing prototypes of the C-X75 will not go to waste. Three are expected to hit auction blocks soon while one will be sent to a future Jaguar museum. As for the last model, Jaguar’s keeping that for testing and (possibly) further development of the supercar.

Hallmark also said that the technologies developed into designing the C-X75 will be used by the company in developing future models, including the supercar’s hybrid technology, which the company said could eventually find its way on a three-cylinder engine in order to give it the power equivalent to a six-cylinder engine.

It’s a sad day for everybody looking forward to the C-X75. But you can’t fight an unpredictable global economy and Jaguar is doing the right thing axing production of the supercar. Let’s just hope that they don’t lock up the C-X75 for good and throw away the key.

Phew, talk about a quick change of direction…


Source: Autocar UK

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