Back in 2003 the English automaker Jaguar unveiled the R-D6 concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show. At the time, the concept car served as an indication of Jaguar’s new design direction. Almost a decade later, the shape of the R-D6 concept will finally find its way into production as the basis for a new sport hatch from Jaguar and is expected to appear in 2014.

Currently known as the R-D7, the future sport inspired hatchback will feature a compact footprint and Jaguar’s lightweight aluminum body and chassis that will be shared with the next generation XK sport coupe and an entry level XE, an E-Type for the 21st century, which is already undergoing development as a Porsche Boxster fighting hopeful. The exterior of the new hatch will be inspired by the latest XJ luxury sedan, while under the hood the R-D7 will make the most of a range of V6 gas and diesel burning power plants as well as an extremely efficient four cylinder diesel for the European market. Either way, the new Jaguar will be set impress as far as styling and performance are concerned because after all it is going to be a Jaguar.


Source: Autoweek

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  (477) posted on 01.7.2010

Of course they’re very confident on creating a car concepts that can beat the Porsche Boxster in a sense that they’re all damn crazy in terms of speed and cost. My only concern on this one is the V6 engine. Is that enough to beat the Boxster?

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