Jaguar is about to launch its first crossover, the 2016 F-Pace, to join the ever-growing SUV market, but the Brits don’t want to stop here. Following rumors that they could also develop a larger SUV under the J-Pace moniker, word now has it a crossover smaller than the F-Pace is on the drawing board as well. Now, Car Magazine reports that this third high-rider could be named the E-Pace and rival the likes of the BMW X3 and Mercedes-Benz GLC.

Such a crossover would make sense to Jaguar’s bean-counters. The E-Pace would be small enough to share underpinnings with the Range Rover Evoque, which would allow for reduced development and production costs. The same platform, the Land Rover D8, is also used on the new Discovery Sport. The all-steel structure isn’t just relatively cheap to build, but it’s also flexible with body style variations and simple to tweak in terms of engineering.

However, a D8-based E-Pace would mean that this new crossover won’t benefit from Jaguar’s new aluminum-intensive platform for both the upcoming F-Pace and the XE sedan. Unless Jag finds a way to significantly improve the D8 platform, the E-Pace might find it difficult to compete against the X3 and GLC.

The E-Pace is still at least three years away if Jaguar decided to build it, which means plenty of time for the Brits to shift the project toward a lighter platform.

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Why it matters

We’re living in a SUV-thirsty market and Jaguar, much like most car makers these days, is moving fast toward a full family of crossovers. It’s no secret that SUVs are big profit-makers and can grow a company at a spectacular rate. BMW and Porsche already did it and it seems Jaguar now wants a piece of the action too.

Of course, some Jaguar enthusiasts might find this upsetting, but they shouldn’t forget that large profits from SUVs is what keeps the sports-car business alive in the case of many automakers. Just like the Cayenne saved the 911, a full roster of Jaguar SUVs would provide the necessary funds for a second-generation F-Type and a new XK.

2016 Jaguar F-Pace

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Source: CAR

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