Naughty kitty! This is the sentence that could describe best the future plans for Jaguar. After the company will go on the hands of the new owner, they will get very busy planning the future: the XF could be unveiled in another four different versions, including an SUV.

First to be launched is the F-Type sports-car that will compete with the Porsche 911. It will be powered by either a V6 or a V8 engine and will be priced under £45,000.

The XF Coupe, most likely version to happen, will stick largely with the saloon’s interior architecture and engine line-up, but to be distinctive enough to sell on exclusivity. The Crossover 4x4 is just a a long-odds possibility. The Convertible version is not favored at present by either engineers or accountants. The engineers don’t want it because of the large amount of unique engineering needed to reinforce the chassis and to make such a large fabric roof. The bean counters are hesitant because of the expense, given the modest expected sales. American dealers are predictably keen, but the company calculates they can attract rag-top customers with the coupe. Another possibility is a Estate version, but also a very poor chance to see it on the market.

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The XK could see an even hotter version, the XKR-R capable of around 180mph. The precise spec is still being fleshed out, but expect a low-volume model (say 300 a year, at a £10,000-£15,000 premium) with more supercharged power from engine management tweaks – or perhaps even the adoption of the forthcoming 500bhp 5.0-litre, direct-injection V8 – plus ultra-sporty tweaks to decor and chassis.

The Mercedes CLS will see another competition coming from Jaguar: it will be a XK-based saloon that will be powered by a range of V6 petrol engines alongside the normally aspirated and forced induction V8s. Possible launch: 2011.

Next year we will see the launch of the new XJ. The new XJ will offer a choice of two wheelbases, one eight inches longer than the other. The shorter will be the standard model, but this time Jaguar has made it roomy enough for two full-size adults in the back, rather than hurriedly having to produce a long-wheelbase version as a correction for an early mistake.

Source: AutoCar

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