Sometimes it seems that J. D. Power and Associates have a survey for everything. Their most famous is the “initial quality” survey, which measures the number of things that go wrong with new cars.
But they also have a survey to measure customer satisfaction with the people that fix those problems: the dealer service department.
And were it not for the headline to this story, you’d probably never has correctly guessed the winner:
Yes, according to Power, who compiled responses during the first four months of this year from 85,000 people who owned or leased 2004 to 2006 models, the Jaguar service department was the highest rated. The survey measured, among other attributes, the customer’s satisfaction with the service advisor, the quality of the service performed, the dealership experience, and user-friendliness.
Jaguar scored 925 out of a possible 1000 points in the “customer service index.”
Second place went to Buick dealers, with 918 points.
Cadillac and Lexus tied for third, at 913 points each.
The study essentially confirmed that it is communication which is the most critical attribute of the service experience. High scores went to brands whose service advisers were perceived as most knowledgeable and most honest, not recommending unneeded service and listening well to their customers. 
Interestingly, whether the job was done right the first time wasn’t a particularly important factor. Indeed, of the customers who had to have work redone, a higher percentage reported themselves as “delighted” with the how the work performed was explained to them than the average for dealerships as a whole. 
If you wouldn’t have guessed Jaguar as the winner of the 2007 survey, perhaps you should have.
They won the 2006 survey, too.

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