Jaguar has just made quite the surprise announcement regarding its F-Type. When the LA Auto Show rolls around, there will be an all-wheel-drive version of the F-Type Coupe R sitting in the Jaguar booth. More than that, we have word from Jaguar PR that there will be a total of 14 different F-Type models in the 2016 model year, and all of them will be on display at the show.

Jaguar already has six production models between the Roadster and the Coupe, and the AWD F-Type R makes seven. The Project 7 car will no doubt be there as well making for eight. But what are the other six cars? We have some pretty good ideas of what other machines are going to be announced, but we cunningly hid them after the break.

So continue reading to find out what we think Jaguar has up its sleeves, and then be sure to hit those comments to tell us if you think we are right, or to discuss what you would like to see show up when L.A. kicks off in a few weeks.

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Most Obvious Choices

Occasionally car companies do come out with something completely out of left field, but traditionally, the products they are going to unveil are pretty easy to guess. Whether from previous leaks or just simple business sense arguments, several of the new models arriving for Jaguar are predictable. These are the cars that I think are the most likely to show up. After these, we can take a look at a few of the more “out-there” possibilities that I want to see.

AWD F-Type Coupe R and Roadster V8 S

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We already know that the mighty Coupe R is getting an extra set of driven wheels, but I think that we will see the announcement of the same AWD treatment for the eight-cylinder variant of the roadster as well. Jaguar needs AWD to compete with cars like the Porsche 911, but we shouldn’t forget that you can order Stuttgart’s finest with a drop-top as well. It would cost Jaguar almost nothing to convert the Coupe R’s AWD system over into the V8 S Roadster.

The added traction will not only make both models more appealing to buyers in snowier regions of the world, it will also help to improve performance. With more than 500 horsepower, the F-Type already has issues getting its power to the ground. More driven wheels means more grip; that translates into more speed.

2.0-liter Turbocharged Coupe and Roadster

2014 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe High Resolution Exterior
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Jaguar already has a 2.0-liter, turbocharged motor in production for the new XE sedan, and it has been an open secret that Jaguar was bringing a smaller engine to the F-Type to make a more fuel efficient and cheaper version of the car. This new engine will use the most powerful version of the 2.0, currently rated at 237 horsepower and 250 pound-feet of torque, but it could see power pushed a bit closer to the 275 range for the F-Type. With Porsche moving to four-cylinder engines for the base-level Boxster, Jaguar needs to be able to respond with a fuel-efficient but sporty model of its own.

It seems like a no-brainer to dump the 2.0 into the roadster, but it may be it may still be up for debate if Jaguar is going to move the same engine into the coupe. There may be some serious cannibalization across the product line if the F-Type Coupe gets too cheap.

The Crazy and Exciting Stuff

This is where things get interesting. We already four cars that are basically guaranteed to show up, but what if Jaguar decided to go crazy and has a collection of amazing machines ready to pounce on the LA auto show and steal headlines? Well this is our best guess at what those models may be.

F-Type Coupe Club Sport

2014 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe Exterior AutoShow
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We know that Jaguar has at least been looking at creating some type of lightweight, road-legal racing variant of the F-Type. A stripped and purposeful F-Type Coupe could make a great addition to the lineup, and it would be a great reveal next to the AWD Coupe R. Jaguar could extol grand touring virtues of AWD and a big V-8, then immediately discuss how it has taken this great platform and stripped it to the minimum to create a track-day toy that is ready to compete with the big dogs like the 911 GT3 or Camaro Z/28.

Expect a stripped interior, carbon fiber everywhere, and an outrageous price tag. Jaguar should use the 550-horsepower Coupe R’s V-8 for this application. Expect a top speed in the 200-mph range and a 0-to-60 sprint in around the 3.5-second range. It will be a monster in every sense of the word.

F-Type R-S Coupe and Roadster

2015 Jaguar F-Type Roadster R-S Exterior Spyshots
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This is another car that we know Jaguar has at least been testing; we have seen it at the Nurburgring for crying out loud. Much like the other R-S-badged cars in the Jaguar lineup, expect these two cars to arrive with more power, bigger wheels and aggressively evil body work. There will be a full aero package with larger grilles, a rear diffuser and a much larger rear spoiler than any F-Type is currently sold with.

Power is where things get interesting. Currently the Coupe R is the most powerful car Jaguar has ever produced with its 550-horsepower V-8. I would expect that engine to make it to the Roadster unchanged for the drop-top R-S. Jaguar has been careful to keep the Coupe positioned above the Roadster in the lineup, so perhaps the kids at Woking have been able to turn the wick up a little further on the supercharged V-8. I would think that Jaguar would need to offer around 580 horsepower to make it a worthy upgrade over the basic Coupe R. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see a number that was higher than 600.

What will actually happen?

In truth, we don’t know what Jaguar is actually planning. It may just unveil the 2.0-liter engine car and slap AWD on every single model it sells to create “14 variants.” It would be depressing, but it wouldn’t exactly be a surprise. We will have to wait until the L.A. Show to see just how right I actually am. Don’t forget to hit those comments and let us know what you think I got wrong, what you think I got right, and what you would like to see that I didn’t think of.

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