Is the Cat Badge cooking up a new supercar?

These days, when it comes to superlative performance, it looks like mid-engined hybrid powertrains are the way to go. Now it looks like Jaguar is prepping just such a configuration with a fresh successor to the F-Type.

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Jaguar to Take a Shot at McLaren with a Mid-Engined F-Type in 2022 High Resolution Exterior
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Jaguar is apparently deep into development with a successor to the F-Type, and it’s gonna bring all kinds of new tech to bear.

Rumor has it the Cat Badge will dub the new performance vehicle the J-Type, and it’ll offer a mid-engine drivetrain configuration.

A release date is expected by 2022.

That’s the latest from our British friends over at AutoExpress, who dropped the news in a recent post.

According to the report, the mid-engine J-Type could employ a variety of new hybrid components, including a duo of electric motors, with one in the nose driving the front axle, and one in back to drive the rear axle. Burning the go juice will be a V-6 ICE mounted just behind the cabin, with total output ranging as high as 550 horsepower.

The new J-Type will reportedly run against competitors from McLaren, Audi, and Honda, with AutoExpress naming the second-gen NSX as the Jag’s benchmark.

Jaguar to Take a Shot at McLaren with a Mid-Engined F-Type in 2022 High Resolution Exterior
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A new mid-engine supercar from Jag definitely has us thinking about the old XJ220, the short-lived performance slab that Jag produced back in the early ‘90s. Equipped with a twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6 and a five-speed manual gearbox, the XJ220 clocked a top speed of 212 mph, granting it the honor of fastest production car in the world between 1992 and 1993.

The new J-Type will be a significant departure from the F-Type.

Not only will the engine configuration move from front to midship, but the styling is also expected to look quite a bit different, incorporating exotic proportions and a lean stance as compared to the cab-back F-Type coupe.

It’s also possible Jag will release an all-electric super sedan to challenge the likes of the Porsche Taycan, once again employing the new J-Type’s flexible platform structure to the task. Jag is already doing the all-electric thing with the I-Pace, so it makes sense to adapt the bones to a new, zero-emissions performance model as well.

Jaguar to Take a Shot at McLaren with a Mid-Engined F-Type in 2022 High Resolution Exterior
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Personally, we can’t wait to see what this fresh Jag J-Type will bring to the table.

The brand is already killing it on the styling front, and the F-Type is a real thrill ride in terms of dynamics. Throw in a mid-engine platform and hybrid power, plus a smattering of exotic styling? Yes please.

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Source: Auto Express

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