The EV-Type name could hint at spiritual successor to the E-Type, a next-gen F-Type EV, or even a production version of the Vision Gran Turismo!

Trademarks are funny business – sometimes automakers file them just to hang onto a certain name, and other times they manifest into official product names. And now, Jaguar has trademarked the name “EV-Type,” leading us to believe that the company is planning a second EV after the all-electric Jaguar XJ arrives next year. What that second electric model will be, however, is a complete mystery, but the name “EV-Type” name does give us some clues.

Jaguar EV-Type – What’s In a Name?

Jaguar Trademarks "EV-Type" - Is This a Hint at an Electric F-Type Successor or an Electric E-Type Revival?
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Upon seeing the name “EV-Type,” I immediately thought about the old-school Jaguar E-Type sports car from the ‘60s and ‘70s.

That legendary car is still a focal point of conversation among Jaguar enthusiasts, and now I wonder if, perhaps, Jaguar is thinking about bringing back the E-Type in some way, shape, or form with an electric powertrain.

What if Jaguar decided to remake the E-type, keeping the same design but instilling it with an electric heart and modern, lighter materials? Would something like that sell in today’s economy? It’s quite possible, but this isn’t as likely as the next option, though.

The only modern vehicle in Jag’s lineup that still has the “-Type” naming structure is the F-Type. It’s been a well-known fact that Jaguar has been on the fence about whether or not the F-Type will go full electric. We were expecting to see the next-gen model debut this year, but it was just a facelift to hold us over.

The fact that Jag held back on the next-gen model could indicate that it’s actively working on transitioning it to an electric architecture.

If that is the case, could the next-gen F-Type actually be the “EV-Type?” It’s possible, but there’s yet another theory that I want you to ponder.

Jaguar Trademarks "EV-Type" - Is This a Hint at an Electric F-Type Successor or an Electric E-Type Revival?
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Remember when Jaguar revealed the Vision Gran Turismo Coupe Concept for Gran Turismo on the PlayStation 4? Well, that was a digital-only concept, but it was based on current Jaguar models. The long hood, swooping rear deck, and even the high beltline were all inspired by the F-Type and the C-X75 concept car that made its on-screen debut in James Bond Spectre. The EV-Type name could, in theory, be used on a real-life version of the Vision Gran Turismo Coupe Concept. It would, of course, be toned down a bit, but it, too, would be inspired by both the F-Type and the C-X75.

When Will We Know What the EV-Type Name is All About?

2021 Jaguar F-Type Coupe(updated) Exterior
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Jaguar doesn’t have anything major planned for the next year. We know that a successor to the F-Type isn’t due for launch until at least 2023, and that’s if we’re lucky. On top of this, Jaguar would likely need to develop a bespoke platform for an electric sports car as what underpins the upcoming XJ EV, or the new I-Pace might not cut the mustard. The company could speed up the process a bit (assuming it’s not underway already) by extending its collaboration with BMW, but that’s just speculation at this point.

If the EV-Type becomes the successor to the F-Type as we know it today, expect it to deliver a range of power similar to that of the current F-Type. It currently delivers anywhere between 295 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque to as much as 575 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque in the F-Type R. Expect an electric model to deliver a 10-percent increase in power to keep things relatively affordable.

Should the EV-Type be a real-life version of the Vision Gran Turismo, then the sky is the limit.

In the game, that concept was good for just over 1,000 horsepower which, as you know, is easily doable with a dedicated EV drivetrain and platform, but that could end up being too expensive and a hard sell – not just for consumers but for the bean counters in the offices too.

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