More than just GPS.

You can now track your car via the Internet.

Jaguar Watch.

Big Brother meets Jaguar Cars, there have been many devices around for tracking your car should it be stolen, they use a simple GPS system which can quickly be located and your car is located, that is if you managed to inform them before the thieves have cut the car up into manageable pieces.

With Jaguar Watch you get something different, this is the GPS system but it can be so much more! Not only will the police be able to track your car if it is stolen, it is possible to track the car at any time via the Internet, yes you will be able to see where you car is located at any time.

Jaguar Watch benefits.

Stolen vehicle recovery, Retrieve exact location by address in 15-45 seconds, Four year product warranty, Potential insurance discount, Locate vehicle via the internet 24/7/365, Low battery alert
Unit transferable to new vehicle, 24/7/365 call centre support, Nationwide coverage, Automatic notification if vehicle leaves or enters a prescribed area (GeoFence), User-selectable speed notification, Access to location and driving history for past 180 days, Real time continuous vehicle tracking, Automatic alert of vehicle movement without key, Warranty transferable with system, 24/7/365 available assistance to Police.

Jaguar Cars.

Jaguar Watch.

Source: Jaguar Watch.

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