The latest cat seems to want to reduced it’s waste. When Jaguar unveils its next XJ, there will likely be a hybrid version following not too far behind. This comes after the Indian-owned, but British produced company received funding from the European Union to develop green technology.

The hybrid system is rumored to be the same kind of plug in electric vehicle with a combustion engine backup as seen in cars like the future Chevrolet Volt. Each electric charge should get the luxury green machine 30 miles, and the total fuel economy is planned to go as high as 57 mpg. The engineering work is being assisted by another Brit now owned by a former-colony, Lotus.

This is all part of a larger plan to reduce all of Jagaur and sibling Land Rover’s emissions by twenty-five percent by 2012. Other plans include alloy bodyshells across the Range Rover line, as well as the next generation XF.


Source: AutoCar

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  (79) posted on 04.16.2009

Sounds like the green luxury is in nowadays. Well it is a good decision for many car companies since it shows how serious are they into green cars. This Jaguar is a British testament towards less carbon footprint emission.

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