Our strange Jaguar fix may be over with. A few weeks ago we started hearing rumors that Jaguar was working on a supercar called the XE. The stories had the car pegged as a mid-engined successor to the XJ220, and a competitor to the Audi R8. Jaguar has never confirmed this car, and now AutoWeek is possibly shedding some light on this rumor.

A reporter close to Jaguar says that the car called “XE” is in development, but "Jag will launch an affordable, front-engine sports car, badged XE, not a supercar-badged XE." This means the XE is a competitor for the Porsche Boxster, Mercedes SLK and BMW Z4, which seems very close to the roadster that the press has usually called the F-Type...Hmmmmmmm.

So have the rumors about this supercar really just been a game of telephone gone bad, or is Jaguar just trying to hide its next supercar? The first explanation makes the most sense (especially in this economy), but as supercar lovers, we hope the latter is the case.


Source: AutoWeek

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