2017 could be a lot of fun in a V-6-powered XE

Introduced in 2015 as a spiritual successor to the ill-fated X-Type, the Jaguar XE has had a rather quiet presence on the premium compact market up until now. Maybe it’s because Jaguar isn’t as visible as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi nowadays or maybe there’s no SVR model yet to put the XE into the spotlight, but the British sedan is in need of a better marketing campaign. It remains to be seen whether Jaguar will give the XE the attention it deserves, but in the meantime the compact sedan was used in the company’s latest commercial for the holiday season.

Launched just in time for New Year’s Day, the 30-second ad shows a red Jaguar XE drifting on wet tarmac in a parking lot until it creates a "2017" pattern on the ground. However, instead of burnt rubber from the tires, the numbers are red and white trails "left" behind by the taillights and quarter windows. Granted, there’s a lot of computer-generated graphics in this vid, but it’s a cool way to wish enthusiasts a happy new year.

Not to mention that drifting is a very fun way to spend New Year’s Day, especially in a V-6-powered Jag. However, I wouldn’t recommend doing it in a parking lot this time of year and I’m definitely against getting behind the steering wheel after having a glass or two. So, make sure you enjoy New Year’s the proper way and stay out of trouble. Happy New Year!


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