Jaguar is pretty serious on getting hard time to the German manufacturers. The XF is already a real success reason why Jaguar is working on a supercharged version that will compete with the BMW m5 and Mercedes E63 AMG.

The XF-R’s V8 engine will share certain architecture with the current AJV8 engine, but will employ, at minimum, a new block able to be sized at 5.0 liters and beyond. Atop that will be supercharging and intercooling. The result should be at least 500 horsepower in blown form, with a 400-or-so-horse, naturally aspirated version to come later, perhaps replacing the current supercharged 4.2.

It will feature: 20-inch light-alloy wheels and speed-rated rubber, along with the usual cocktail of upgraded brakes, stiffer suspension tuning, a beefier exhaust note, and sportier interior trim. Visuals likely will ape other Jaguar "R" models, meaning a bit less chrome, wire-mesh front grillework, more aggressive front and rear fascias, a rear lip spoiler, and a slightly reduced ride height.

The XF-R will go into production in 2008 as a 2009 model.

Source: MotorTrend

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