The all-new Jaguar XF will go on sale on the US market starting March 1, and as you know demands for this car are pretty big, as it is already sold out for the next five years. But will the new XF be able to save Jaguar?

"It’s the blossom we’ve been waiting to see grow," one enthusiastic dealer said. Jaguar says reaction to the XF ranges from "thrilling to unbelievable."

As the XF has big request from its customers the company will apply the "first-come, first-served" strategy, so if you plan to buy a XF and you haven’t placed your order, now might be a good moment if you don’t want to wait another ten years to get your car.

Jaguar XF sales begin on March 1st
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While demand is high and supply will be limited, dealers don’t know just how limited the supply will be, and Jaguar isn’t saying anything beyond XF sales are expected to be similar to the S-Type it’s replacing.

"The XF represents the whole ball of wax for Jaguar and will determine if Jaguar survives or fails,” said Joe Phillippi, a principal with automotive research and marketing firm AutoTrends. “It’s probably the last shot Jaguar has to sell a car in volume, which is critical to Jaguar."

XF will go on sale next spring with pricing starting between $50,000 to $60,000.

Source: Kicking Tires

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sami  (91) posted on 10.12.2007

I think yes, this is why Ford is holding back on selling Jaguar. I mean, if XF’s sales are going to be as big as they expect to be, the price for the Jaguar selling is going to be bigger, and Ford will have more profit from selling it.

sami  (372) posted on 10.12.2007

That’s a steep price, but if the orders are looking so strong then that may be okay. Could this be the reason why Ford is suddenly holding back on selling Jaguar? Maybe they ARE working on something to do battle with the Enclave set as well with either Jaguar and or Land Rover. Food for thought...

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