Earlier this month we began to hear reports about another version of the Jaguar XF called the XFR-S. While the new XFR doesn’t have any trouble making speed, there may be some room for improvement in the handling and suspension. So if an XFR-S does see the light of day, Jag’s engineers will skip the engine and focus only on the ride.

This wouldn’t be the first time Jaguar would only upgrade the suspension on a sports car. Last summer the XKR-S was released on the U.K. market in a similar fashion. No word yet if the XFR-S will make it to the U.S., because there’s no official word that the car exists. The XKR-S never made it to the U.S. because our culture wants speed added into our special edition cars. Hopefully we’ve all changed our minds if/when the XFR-S makes its official debut.


Source: Jaguar Mania

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