• Jaguar XJ Diesel triumphs in 2008 Towcar Awards

Jaguar XJ Diesel triumphs in 2008 Towcar Awards
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There are award categories for cars with the best engine, best design and even security. Here’s another you can add to that list. The car with the best towing ability.

In this year’s Towcar awards, contestants were put through a series of challenges to ultimately decide which car was the best for camping trips that involved towing caravans. It not only included towing ability but practicality, driving ability otherwise, safety etc.

The evaluating panel were specialists in this field. It included industry experts, motoring journalists and caravanning enthusiasts who watched closely at the ability and performance of all cars.

The judges chose the XJ Diesel as the champion because: "Stability and ride comfort don’t always go together. Cars with rear suspension that’s firm almost to a fault in normal driving are often the most composed when towing. But the XJ combines unflappable stability with limousine comfort. The suspension’s alchemy was worth its weight in gold through the lane-change test. The XJ changed direction quickly, gripping hard and holding the intended line. However much the caravan slid behind it, the Jag wouldn’t budge. Data from the ATC shows how much G-force was generated in the van, but the smooth curve of the graph speaks volumes as to how undramatic the Jaguar made this manoeuvre."

The body of the Jaguar XJ is built out of Aluminium and notably in the past it played a special role as that of an armored vehicle, which demonstrated its rugged attribute. So if you are on the lookout for a vehicle to haul your caravan, we have an answer- Jaguar XJ diesel.


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  (460) posted on 10.4.2010

They also get the highly acclaimed Honda 2.2 CDTI. Which has no turbo rattle and a very reduced turbo noise.

  (363) posted on 10.4.2010

How about an XJ in the states w/ the Ford Power-stroke Diesel. that would be interesting.

  (344) posted on 09.26.2010

The engine is Peugeot/Ford collaboration and is available in a wide range of vehicles in Europe.

  (780) posted on 08.5.2010

The Jaguar XJ series are comparable to the best luxury cars in the world. As expected of Jaguar’s flagship, the XJ is a beautiful car that swaths its occupants in traditional British luxury with rich wood and leather while sparing us unnecessary gee-whiz features.

  (1) posted on 06.25.2008

i need many images about this news so much. my english isn’t well. every body if you have these images , please send me by mail add: an@otosaigon.com. thanks alot. i’m vietnamese.

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