There is a certain expectation from the American market when it comes to special edition cars: WE WANT SPEED – especially when there is an “S” added to the name. Which is why Jaguar may be doing the smart thing by not bringing theXKR-S over here. It may be the sharpest XK around the corners, but the XKR-S shares its 175 mph top speed with its lesser siblings. It’s not to say that true auto enthusiasts in North America don’t appreciate the car; it’s just the people with the money to pay extra for the XKR-S won’t understand why it’s special.

Jaguar XKR-S, no U.S.
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Upgrades include stiffer springs and dampers front and rear, 8 percent quickened steering rack, thicker rear anti-roll bar, lighter 20-inch forged alloy wheels and wider rear tires. "We developed an XK with the chassis we fancied as our everyday driver," says Mike Cross, Jaguar’s handling guru. "A bit more focused than our typical customer would usually want but still comfortable and safe in all road conditions, including the wet." Very British indeed.

But its likely Jaguar will not be holding the best XK at home very long. The XKR-S is rumored to be a preview of the chassis that will be a part of XKR’s facelift next year. This should come to the U.S. and include a new 5.0-liter V-8 making 500 horsepower (80 more than the current car.)


Source: Autoweek

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  (35) posted on 08.16.2008

"but the XKR-S shares its 175 mps top speed with its lesser siblings"

Actually, it doesn’t. The standard XKR is electronically limited to 155 mph whereas the XKR-S has had its limiter raised (but not de-restricted) to 175 mph so technically its 25 mph faster. Not much, but i thought i should point it out!

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