Chevrolet has already started to work on the future generation, Corvette, with the Stingray concept serving as an amuse-bouche to the actual production vehicle, but being the impatient little auto enthusiasts we are, we’ve searched out a creation by a Transportation Design student to bide us some time until the real model debuts.

James Robbins took the time to truly research the history of Corvette’s design language to fully understand and predict the next step for the company. Using this knowledge for everything that it was worth, Robbins designed the future sports car, producing images that serve as the next logical step for the American icon.

What we have here is a sleek and beautiful rendering of the future Corvette. According to GM, power for this machine could come from a 440 HP, 5.5-liter V-8 version of the next-gen GM small block engine, but others say that a smaller, forced induction engine may also be possible. The new motor will be the first application of GM’s next-gen small block family and we would expect it to have direct-injection, E85 capability, and a few other tweaks.

We may not have all of the details on the future Corvette, but we do have enough to keep us entertained, albeit for a short period of time. The next step will be waiting until closer to its reveal in 2012 to get all of the details we have been waiting for patiently.


Source: yankodesign

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  (329) posted on 04.28.2011

So whats happen to this concept? BTW, I think the Stingray concept is kind of old though the promised performance is quite impressive.

  (507) posted on 03.24.2011

I think Stingray is already a old concept. Maybe its the time to rolls off this concept and establish a new one. For sure, Porsche fanatics want something new from the Porsche.

  (377) posted on 03.11.2011

Corvette is a sport car that looks so elegant and restraining with those R8 bonnet. The interior is much better than Lexus, BMW and Audi but lets admit it , Corvette is much expensive!

  (466) posted on 02.14.2011

Probably means they need to unplug from the computer for at least 4 hours a day. Seeing as this is a car sight, and posting on a corvette, I would recommend actually driving one sometime.

  (692) posted on 02.14.2011

My thought exactly! But go figure, A geek is only as good as their input. And if all they know is what they can search for on Google.

  (504) posted on 01.26.2011

According to GM, power for this machine could come from a 440 HP, 5.5-liter V-8 version of the next-gen GM small block engine, but others say that a
smaller, forced induction engine may also be possible.

  (666) posted on 01.26.2011

I say that James Robbins had created an awesome design prediction of the new Corvette! It seems a lot smoother than the Corvettes we know today. And
I guess that it would boast a more powerful specs inside and out. Looking forward to the time it should be released.

  (449) posted on 01.24.2011

It’s really a great design. It really looks like a sting ray ad it reminds me of one. Probably, having the sting ray on his mind helps the designer of this car to achieve this concept.

  (409) posted on 01.5.2011

The model that will serve as a platform for the M1 is called the Project i Coupe and will be based on the Vision Efficient Dynamics concept we saw at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.

  (409) posted on 01.5.2011

Chevrolet Corvette is undoubtedly one of the big names of the auto industry and whenever its name is brought into discussions, there’s at least one fan around to start a debate on the model’s impressive history.

  (453) posted on 01.5.2011

James Robbins’ C7 Corvette interpretation The C7 Chevrolet Corvette has been the subject of rampant speculation since the C6 came out, with everything from all-wheel drive to mid-engine orientation supposedly planned.

  (341) posted on 01.4.2011

All I see are a lot of Ferarri influences in this concept. At least he didn’t go "retro" with the design. Hopefully, GM won’t either but a new vette is needed bad. The current design is showing it’s age.

  (461) posted on 01.4.2011

ahh look it’s just another boring Vette design, ok, granted its done by a student and for that I say great job on the design. but please if your going to design a new vette, then design a vette not the same boring model with a few face lifts.

  (329) posted on 01.3.2011

agree on that dude, i hope merc sls wont borrow the vette’s design again, can you remember the news before? SLS AMG borrowed the Vette’s design.

  (504) posted on 01.3.2011

now is the right time to revamped and redesign the corvette it’s been a while since they released a new one to this time new vette is going into production.

  (367) posted on 01.2.2011

agree it looks more like a Japaneses rather than American car, it looks more smoother and easy to drive I hope it can perform well as it used to be.

  (392) posted on 01.2.2011

impressive car design, I really love the front end’s design and at the same time the rear end looks very menacing to race with.

  (592) posted on 12.28.2010

I think a 2003-2004 Terminator Cobra was on par with the Vette during the time period— for less money too. That said, there probably isn’t much these days, save for some tuner ’Stangs that could compete in performance-to-dollar.

  (592) posted on 12.28.2010

A BMW-branded Mini could remove many of the Mini’s polarizing features, thereby appealing to people who might like the Mini if it was less like the Mini.

  (613) posted on 12.28.2010

Unless Chris Bangle had something to do with that, I’d guess one of the GM let their 3rd grader pen the design. I’m all for giving the Vette a new look, but this one isn’t it.

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