Unless you have nerves of steel and tons of experience, no ordinary motorcycle rider can even get past 200 mph. If you are debating it, however, you may want to reserve a hospital room with a good view before doing so, as too many things can go wrong.

If you were to look up “Nerves of steel” in an encyclopedia, James Toseland’s smiling face would likely be the lead image, as he announced that he’s going to break the motorcycle land-speed record set by American Rocky Robinson. By the way, the record isn’t 200 mph. It’s 376.363 mph! What’s worse is that James is going to break that by 14 mph, which is quite a lot when it comes to setting these land-speed records.

Of course James Toseland is no average Joe. He’s a former British bike rider who won the World Superbike championship twice – once in 2004 and once in 2007. So, he does have experience in high-speed 2-wheel motoring and he has the titles to prove it. However, 390 mph does send chills down any experienced racer’s spine, and James is no exception. "I am hugely excited about this record attempt but I’m under no illusions as to how difficult it will be," he said.

His current skills wouldn’t help as piloting a streamlined bike is totally a different technique. So with the record attempt being scheduled for September 2014, he has plenty of time to master the technique and hone his skills.

The project is led by Alex Macfadzean, a former GP and TT sidecar competitor, and British motorcycle land-speed record holder. Macfadzean also gets support from the staff and students at Derby University. Being a former land-speed record holder, Alex sure does know what he’ll be instructing James for the future attempt.

If James does break this record, it will definitely prove to the whole world that we can leap for even greater challenges, in the world of automobiles.

We’ll update this article once more details on this heart-thumping record emerge.


Source: Autosport

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  (305) posted on 12.7.2012

may the force be with him!

  (302) posted on 12.7.2012

he will need all the training and advices he can get. i wish him luck!

  (312) posted on 12.7.2012

if you hit a bug at that speed you won’t feel good! i tell you that!

  (305) posted on 12.7.2012

you have to crazy to attempt reaching that speed on a motorcycle.

  (422) posted on 12.7.2012

he seems like a nice guy. i hope he’ll be ok and the new owner of the motorcycle land speed record.

  (452) posted on 12.7.2012

i hope he’ll manage to break the land speed. as clarkson says "more is better". so let it be more.

  (475) posted on 12.7.2012

i hope this guy will make it. alive, at least.

  (509) posted on 12.7.2012

it is dangerous to break a land speed record on 4 wheels. on 2 wheels it is pure madness.

  (542) posted on 12.7.2012

390 MHP is 100 and something miles more than what a veyron ca do. wow smiley

  (516) posted on 12.7.2012

i think you must have balls of steel to do this.

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