Q: How do you get more people to pay attention to your alternative fuel car? A: Star power.

BMW sold the first hydrogen powered 7-Series to Will Ferrell, General Motors got a photo with any person of note willing to suffer time in the little EV1, and now the second delivery Honda FCX Clarity hydrogen powered car went to Jamie Lee Curtis.

Honda can be proud of the car without star power. The FCX Clarity uses hydrogen to generate power to the electric motor. The only byproducts are heat and water. It goes about 280 miles on one tank and gets the equivalent of 74 miles per gallon.

But if Honda feels that it needs celebrities to get people to take notice of the car, then remember to make sure they sell the car for you. "I really wasn’t expecting it to be so luxurious," said Curtis. "It’s luxurious, luxurious, luxurious! I love the interior layout, design and access to controls. It is user-friendly and very modern." Sell it Jamie, sell it.


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